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acyclovir antiviral
alendronate bone growth regulator
amlodipine calcium channel blocker
amoxicillin antibiotic
atorvastatin calcium antihyperlipidemic
atenolol beta blocker
azithromycin antibiotic, macrolide
bupropion antidepressant
captopril ace inhibitor
carbamazepine anticonvulsant
carbidopa-levodopa antiparkinson's
cefaclor cephalosporin
ciprofloxacin antibiotic
clarithromycin antibiotic,macrolide
clonidine antihypertensive
clopidogrel antiplatelet
dexamethasone glucocorticoid
diazepam antianxiety
digoxin cardiac glycoside
diltiazem calcium channel blocker
divalproex Na (valproic acid) anticonvulsant
enalapril ace inhibitor, antihypertensive
enoxaparin anticoagulant
escitalopram oxalate antidepressant
fluconazole antifungal
fluoxetine antidepressant, SSRI
furosemide loop diuretic
glyburide antidiabetic
hydrochlorothiazide diuretic, thiazide
ibandronate sodium bone growth regulator
ipratropium cholinergic blocking
lansoprazole proton pump inhibitor
levothyroxine thyroid product
lisinopril ace inhibitor, antihypertensive
lovastatin antihyperlipidemic
metformin antidiabetic
metoprolol tartrate beta blocker
metronidazole trichomonacide, amebicide
montelukast antiasthmatic
nitrofurantoin urinary anti-infective
nystatin antifungal
ondansetron antiemetic
potassium chloride electrolyte
propranolol beta blocker
ranitidine h2 receptor blocker
sertraline antidepressant, SSRI
sildenafil erectile dysfunctional
simvastatin antihyperlipidemic
verapamil calcium channel blocker
warfarin anticoagulant
Pharmacology study of drugs
not a major source of drugs textiles
source of drug digitalis wildflower
source of heparin animal
source of epsom salts mineral
example of drug used to prevent disease Hepatitis B vaccine
example of drug to treat disease antihistamines
example of diagnostic drugs Iodine
example of drug to promote health maintenance Vitamins
Rules that ensure uniform quality, strength, and purity of drugs Standards
example of drugs to cure disease antibiotics
U.S. food/Drug Admin responsible for enforcing Drug Standards
Rationale for having drug standards drugs differ in strength, quality, & purity
drug names describes molecular structure of what drug Chemical
Official nonproprietary drug name assigned by manufacturer Generic
Name under which drug is sold by specific manufacturer Brand
Nirto-Bid, Nitrong, Nitrostat are examples of Brand Names
examples of chemical name Acetylsalicyclic acid
Provides information regarding drug products of major pharmaceutical company Physcians Desk Ref. (PDR)
Term which regers to unintended/undesirable effects of drugs? side effects/adverse reactions
Term refers to conditions for which a drug is used? Indications
Term refers to undesirable effects produced when drugs are taken with certain foods or other drugs Interactions
term refers to specific warnings to consider when administering drugs to pt's with specific condition or disease? Precautions
Term which defines how a drug works Action
Law identifies the drugs that are dangerous or subject to abuse Controlled Substances 1990
Schedules of controlled substances contains drugs w/ highest potential of abuse Schedule I
Agency responsible for enforcing Controlled Substances Act of 1990 Drug Enforcement Admin
Advantage of synthetically created drugs less expensive
drugs desired/predicted psych response Therapeautic
analgesics used for pain management in case of terminal illness Palliative drugs
Parameter that is NOT regulated by drug standards? Drug price
Passage of drug from site of admin in bloodstream Absorption
transportation of drug from bloodstream to body tissues and intended site of action? Distribution
Series of chemical reactions that inactivate a drug by converting it into water-sluble compound? Metabolism
Action insulin has on body Replace natural substances that body lacks
Route of admin, time of day, drug admin, diet, environ, condition (factors of what) Affect drug action
effect of drug mainly limited to area where it is applied or enters body local effect
Systemic effect travel through bloodstream
interaction of two drugs to inhibit or cancel each other effect Antagonsim
2 drugs in combination to great the effect synergism
Psych drug dependence is? drive or craving to take a drug to relieve discomfort
example of drugs commonly abused all answers correct
health care worker's responsibilities with respect to admin drugs? all answers correct
drug admin. through sublingual route? Nitroglycerin
Organs does most of metabolism and detox of drugs take place? Liver
Increased risk of toxicity from exposures to high doses of drug is not assoc. with which following pt types? Pregnant
Used to calculate proper adult dose? age and body weight
Inactive substance has no pharm effect but can make pt feel better? Placebo
Will cause drugs that are taken orally to be absorbed more quickly? gastrointestinal tract free of food
Side effect of aspirin therapy? stomach irritation
Method used to calculate pediatric dose of meds? body weight
Child who is 20 kg would weight in lbs 44
Healthcare worker in DR. office encourage pt to obtain accurate measuring utensils from pharmacy? Household utensils vary in size
Process of giving drugs by injection using needle and syring? Parenteral Med. Admin.
Parental rougte involves breaking through skin's protective covering, increases risk of? infection
Most common use of needle with length of 1 1/2 inches? Intramuscular injection
Gauge needle would admin thick and sicky med? 18G
Single dose glass container with bulb which can be broken off at neck? Ampule
Small bottle with rubber stopper through which needle can be inserted? Vial
NOT considered when choosing site to admin. an injection Pt's gender
inner, lower arm, upper chest, back are sites of what injection Interdermal
Interdermal Inj uses what syringe tuberculin
Gauge & length used to perform ID injection 25-26G, 3/8 inch needle
ID injection 5-15 degree angle
reading diagnostic skin test, health care worker observe site for? induration & erythema
outer, upper arm, front of thigh, abdomen, upper back, lower shoulder blades subcutaneous
amt of med. to admin. using subcutaneous route? 0.5-1.0mL
preferred site for IM inj. in infants & children? Vastus Lateralis muscle
maximum amt of me. that may be injected via IM route? 3.0mL
reflects speed of absorption of medication slowest to fastest? ID, Sub, IM
angle of IM 90 degree
Correct way to dispose of used syringe and needle all answers
info must be charted after admin meds? all answers
inj. procedures that prevents meds from backing up into other tissue layers? z-track
route of med. admin. requires all supp. sterile? Parenteral
abbrev. means 2x/day bid
when admin meds, labeled checked 3x
abbreviated describes admin. meds cause sleepiness hs
on drug label will make easier for manufacturer to trace a problem to particular batch allowing for drug recall? Lot #
abbrev. to use when documenting admin of med. by mouth? PO
solid medication concern if child is fussy or crying? choking
resultin gfrom interaction between sedatives and alcohol? increased sedation
results from comb. of warfarin & aspirin or nonsteroidal anti-flammatory drugs (NSAID)? increased action of warfarin
may occur in older adult, because drugs stay in effect longer and can build up in body cumulative effect
guideline should be followed when admin meds to older adults? give lower, less frequent doses
obtaining history from pt all answers
Parental drugs and 4 routes ID, SC, IM, IV
Steven Rights patient, drug, dose, route, time, technique, document
Normally, urine is slightly acidic with a pH of 6.0
Test based on the detection of Human chorionic gonadotropin Pregnancy
All of the following are cells that may be found in the urine EXCEPT opinionated cells
Individuals testing positive for ketones may have a fruity odor. This could be indicative of diabetes
Clinitests are chemical tablets that determine the presence of certain sugars
what type of urine specimen is collected after a meal? 2-hour postprandial
Tube carrying urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder Ureter
An organ for temporary storage bladder
Each nephron is composed of glomerulus and medulla
In health, the glomerular filtrate can contain urea
Which of the following hormones are produced by the kidneys all of the above
Which of the following is usually NOT measured in a 24 hour urine bacteria
All of the following are true of yeasts EXEPT they will lyse in KOH
The type of cast found in pyelonephritis is WBC
his means decreased amount of urine production Oliguria
This means excessive amounts of urine Polyuria
This means absence of urine Anuria
This means bacteria in the urine Bacturia
This is the presence of protein in the urine proteinuria
urine specimen most commonly collected Random
If urine cannot be tested within 1 hour, it should be refrigerated
Specimen most concentrated First-Morning
Which specimen may have caustic Preservatives added to it? 24 hour
What specimen does a quantitative urine test require? 24 hour
This means abnormal sugar in the urine Glycosuria
This means "Hidden" Occult
Solid material remaining at the bottom of a test tube after centrifugation? Sediment
Urine that is cloudy or opaque Turbid
Term that means without shape amorphous
What is the normal value for urobilinogen 0.1-0.2
Testing urine for the presence of infection or disease urinalysis
Urinalysis begins with what three characteristics? Odor, Color, Appearance
What causes the breakdown of bilirubin? light
The presence of bilirubin, may be one of the first signs of? Liver disease
Kidney disease involving inflammation and lesions of the glomeruli glomerulonephritis
The concentration at which a substance, excreted by the kidneys begins to appear in the urine Renal Threshold
The weight of a substance in relation to the same amount of distilled water specific gravity
functional unit of the kidney Nephron
Capable of causing "birth defects" Teratogenic
This solute is the highest concentration in the urine of a healthy adult Urea
Inflammation of the renal pelvis pyelitis
Bowman's capsule is the portion of the nephron that receives the glomerular _______ filtrate
A substance that is toxic or destructive to kidney cells nephrotoxic
The organ in which urine is formed kidney
variety of waste products are eliminated from the body through the formation and excretion of urine
the functional unit of the kidneys nephron
two major treatments for kidney failure are kidney transplant and ____ dialysis
The type of dialysis that gives the patient more freedom and independence is peritoneal dialysis
antidiuretic hormone is aka vaso perssion
a type of glomerulonephritis that can occur after an untreated or incompletely treated Strep A infection is post-streptococcal GN
A midstream urine sample collected after the urethral opening and surrounding tissues have been cleansed clean catch
urine sample collected at any time, without regard to diet or time of day random
quantitative urine tests requires a ____ specimen. 24 hour
When urine specimens cannot be regrigerated or must be transported, deterioration can be avoided by the addition of _____ preservatives
absence of urine production anuria
excessive production of urine polyuria
urine specimen that is normally more concentrated and has an acid pH is 1st void of day
An unpleasant ammonia-like odor in urine is usually caused by urea being broken down by ____ bacteria
Urines collected to test for protein, barbiturates, or drugs of abuse can be preserved by ______ refrigeration
Sinks used for discarding urine specimens should be flushed with water and ______ disinfectant
Upon standing, a urine containing melanin will turn ____ brown-black
Beets in the diet can cause the urine to be _____ red
Turbidity or cloudiness in a freshly voided urine can be an indication of _____ disease
Urine that has a milky, opalexcent appearance could contain _____ fat & lipids
If a urine cannot be examined within 1 hour of collection, it can be refrigerated at 4 degrees C for up to ____ 4 hours
Ketones are the product of ____ metabolism fat/lipids
In an unrefrigerated urine containing bacteria, urea will be broken down to form ____ ammonia
Before being analyzed, refrigerated urines should be allowed to reach _____ temperature room
Ketonuria occurs when the body burns ___ for energy. fat
The endpoint of the confirmatory test for urine protein is precipitate
A degradation product of bilirubin that can be detected using the urine reagent strip is urobilinogen
If white blood cells are present in urine, the ____ reagent strip pad should be positive. leukocyte esterace
The Acetest is a confirmatory test for keytones
In urinalysis, a protein matrix formed in the kidney tubules and washed out into the urine is cast
The solids that settle to the bottom of a liquid are known as sediment
When urine sediment is viewed under the microscope, _____ appear as small, pale, light-reflective disks. RBC
The presence of large numbers of RBC's in the urine hematuria
When urine sediment is viewed under the microscope, WBCs appear slightly larger than RBCs, have a granular appearance, and have a visible ____ nucleus
The objective used to identify and classify epithelial cells in urine sediment 40x
Possible chronic or acute renal disease can be indicated by large numbers of renal tubulas cells
When urine sediment is examined under the microscope, yeast cells can be mistaken for ___ RBCs
Trichomonas vaginalis moves through the action of slender lash-like appendages known as Flagella
The most common yeast found in urine candida albicans
A urine "dipstick" test for gCH is available and is CLIA-waived if read using strip reader
After performing a urine hCG concentration, the preferred urine specimen is the first urine voided in morning
If urine cannot be tested immediately for hCG, it can be stored for 24-48 hours
The results of hCG tests should be reported follwing the policy of the institution, but the usual method is to report the test as negative or positive for hCG, not for pregnancy
The "hormone of pregnancy" is hCG
To urinate Micturate
The absence of urine anuria
excessive amounts of urine production polyuria
blood in the urine hematuria
the male reproductive cell spermatozoa
bacteria in the urine bacturia
it means that the urine is opque and does not allow light to pass through turbid
the term for presence of abnormal sugar in the urine glycosuria
the solid material that settles a tthe bottom of a test tube after centrifugation sediment
provides valuable info about many function in the body, including kidney function urinalysis
formed by the precipitation of urinary salts when the pH, temperature, or cencentration changes crystals
the concentration at which a substance excreted by the kidneys, such as glucose, begins to appear in urine renal threshold
byproducts of fat metabolism ketones
weight of a substance in relation to the weight of the same amount of distilled water specific gravity
Chemical material without shape amorphous
pH of a solution indicates acidity and alkalinity
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