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World Religion Final


Half of the world religions follow whom? Abraham
What language is Hebrew written in and in what format? Arabic; from right to left
What is Theophany? a visible manifestation of a deity
Give three examples of Theophany? fire, dove, eucharist (Jordan River)
Why did God (Burning Bush)command Moses to remove his shoes? He was in a holy place
Who did God command Moses to free? Hebrews (tell them I sent you)
What are Orthodox and Conservative Jews not allowed to do? Write the word of God Words come from God himself-scripture most important
What is th Hebrew Bible called? Tanakh
Name the three divisions of the Tanakh Torah, Nevi'im, Ketusim
What is the Torah? first five books of hebrew bible contains mosaic laws-laws of Moses
What is the Nevi'im? major and minor prophets in the hebrew bible
Name 3 major prophets in the hebrew bible? Jeremiah, Ezekial, Isiah
Name 3 minor prophets in the hebrew bible? Esther, Hosea, Amos
What is Ketuvim in the hebrew bible? Writings and wisdom literature
Give some examples of the Ketuvim? Proverbs, Job, Psalms, Saloman
What is shama? The Jewish statement of Monotheism faith
What statement is listed in the shama and is said twice a day? Hear O Israel the Lord is our God, the lord is one
Define Mitzvot? A list of the 613 mitzvot (commandments) that are binding on Jews
What are the first 10 commandments called and where were they delivered? Decalogue; verbally to Moses on mount Sinia
Give an example of Kosher/Kashrut Jewish eating: can't eat pork
The Jewish Sabbath is on what day Saturday
In Jewish religion what out weighs the laws? Preserving life
Created by: austinheggie