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Mark Final

Sophomore Bible class on Mark

What is gospel? Good news.
What is Christ? Son of God.
Who are the three supporting witnesses? (Mark 1:1-13) angels, John the Baptist, God
What is the central message of John the Baptist's ministry? (Mark 1:2-8) Remissions of sins.
Who does Jesus call? (Mark 1:16-20) Peter, Andrew, James, John
Why does Jesus leave Capernaum? (Mark 1:35-39) To preach the gospel throughout Galilee.
Why does Jesus not want people to tell about Him? (Mark 1:35-45) He will be a celebrity and have to teach in desolate places.
Why are the Pharisees mad at Jesus? (Mark 2:1-12) He claims to do things only God can do.
What does he show himself to be capable to do according to healing the paralytic? (Mark 2:1-12) Forgive sins.
What is the wineskin analogy? (Mark 2:18-22) Jesus' new way will replace the old way.
Why do the Pharisees go after Jesus? (Mark 3:1-6) Because he healed on the Sabbath.
What is a hard-heart? (Mark 3:1-6) Doesn't want to accept the Gospel.
What are the apostles/disciples called to do? (Mark 3:13-19) To go and preach.
What is Jesus' reaction to the mislabeling? (Mark 3:22-30) He is understanding.
How do the disciples react to Jesus? (Mark 4:35-41) Unbelief.
What question do they ask? (Mark 4:35-41) Who can this be, that even the winds and waves obey Him?
How do the demons react, and what do they call him? (Mark 5:1-20) They fear Him and call Him the Son of the Most High.
How do the townspeople react? (Mark 5:1-20) They fear.
How does legion react? (Mark 5:1-20) Wants Jesus to cast them to the pigs.
Compare and contrast Jairus and the Woman. (Mark 5:22-42) He is rich, she is poor. His daughter is dead, she has been bleeding for 12 years. They both have faith.
What is the point of Jairus and the Woman? (Mark 5:22-42) No matter your status, faith is needed for healing/resurrection.
What is the significance of the feeding of the 5000? (Mark 6:30-44) Shows the endless supply of the Son of God.
What judgement is made about the disciples during this story? (Mark 6:45-52) They have hard-hearts and lacking of judgement.
What judgement is made about the disciples during this story? (Mark 7:1-23) Don't follow traditions and are unclean.
What is the significance of the bread crumbs? (Mark 7:24-30) They are the leftover supply of bread.
Why does Jesus heal this woman's daughter? (Mark 7:24-30) Because she had faith.
What signs could the Pharisees from earlier in Mark? (Mark 8:11-13) Feeding of the 5000, and raising the girl from the dead.
What is the leaven of the Pharisees and Herod? (Mark 8:14-21) seeking a sign of unbelief.
Why does Jesus reprimand them? (Mark 8:14-21) They have hard-hearts and don't understand.
What is the content of the reprimand? (Mark 8:14-21) Mark 4:10-13
Why does Jesus heal a man halfway and then heal him completely? (Mark 8:22-26) Symbolic of healing disciples hearts.
Why does Jesus call Peter "Satan?" (Mark 8:31-38) He has his mind on the things of Man, not God.
What does Jesus teach? (Mark 8:31-38) Deny, die, love life, no shame.
Why can't the disciples cast out the demon? (Mark 9:13-29) Lack of faith.
What do they need to do? Why? (Mark 9:13-29) Prayer. Needs to rely on Christ.
Summarize 33-37 in one sentence. (Mark 9:33-50) The greatest in the kingdom are those who serve others and love children.
According to 38-41 who is included with the disciples? (Mark 9:33-50) Everyone who is with them.
Who is not included (42-50)? Everyone who is against them.
What does Jesus teach about divorce? (Mark 10:1-13) It's adultery, because of hard-hearts, and is a divine institution.
What does it mean to receive the kingdom like a child? (Mark 10:13-16) To be open to the Word and to not have hard-hearts.
Why does the rich man not follow Jesus? (Mark 10:17-31) He will not give up his worldly possessions.
What does He call the disciples? (Mark 10:17-31) He calls them children.
What is child like faith? (Mark 10:30-31) He/she leaves everything and follows at his word. Their rewards are eternal.
Who is the greatest in the kingdom of God? (Mark 10:32-45) Servants whose service is driven by Jesus' death on the cross.
What does Barimaeus mean? (Mark 10:46-52) It means Son of the Defiled.
Compare and contrast Bartimaeus and the Rich Man. (Mark 10) Physically blind, spiritually blind; poor, rich; bad life, leisurely life.
Why does God curse the fig tree? (Mark 11:12-26) It represents the nations, and God will curse the nations.
Why does Jesus overturn the tables in the temple? (Mark 11:12-26) He is angry at the people.
What does the fig tree represent? (Mark 11:12-26) Cursed temple system that rejects Jesus.
When was the temple destroyed? (Mark 13) In 70 A.D.
What is the believers attitude in troubles? (Mark 13:9-12) Rely on Christ, be on guard, hated for Christ
What is the abomination of desolation? Futurist or preterist? (Mark 13:14) A disgusting thing that causes destruction. Futurist.
What is the fig tree? Futurist or preterist? (Mark 13:28-31) Futurist.
What are the possible meanings to this generation will not pass away? Futurist or preterist? (Mark 13:28-31) Futurist.
WHat does Jesus challenge the disciples to do that they fail at in the next chapter? (Mark 13:35-37) Stay awake, be on guard, look out, no one knows day or hour.
Compare and contrast the woman who breaks the ointment and Judas. (Mark 14:3-11) Judas was selfish, but the woman was not. She gave a lot, but Judas' reward was small.
What do the bread and wine represent? (Mark 14:22-25) Wine is blood of the covenant, and the bread is Jesus' body.
WHat does Jesus challenge the disciples to do and how do they respond? (Mark 14:32-42) Pray, stay awake. They sleep and flee.
Who could the naked guy be? (Mark 14:51-52) Mark, rich guy, or Bartimaeus.
What question does the high priest ask that leads to his death? (Mark 14:53-65) Are you the Christ?
Which Psalm is Jesus fulfilling as he dies? (Mark 15:21-36) Why have you forsaken me? Wagging their heads. Dividing garments and casting lots.
When Jesus says, "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?" How do the people respond? (Mark 15:34-35) There is confusion. They think he is calling for Elijah.
Who sticks with Jesus throughout his death? (Mark 15:40-41) Mary, Mary of Magdala, and Salome.
What is the central message of Jesus' ministry? (Mark 1:15) Repentance and believing.
Created by: Neukay



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