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bible II mid-term

salvation sets us free from the penalty of sin
define the four terms of salvation born again- process of change(romans 12:1-2) saved- rescue(Romans 5:8) In christ- identy(ephesians 2:4-7) salvation- gifts(romans 6:23)
what does it take to be saved? confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord; admit, believe, confess
who's responsible for the process of change in our lives Holy Spirit
what is calvanism? who started it? irrisistable grace limited atonement unconditional election total depravity eternal security john calvin
what is armenianism? who started it? unlimited atonement resistable grace conditional preservation conditional election natural inability of man jacob arminius
sanctification set apart
what did God make on each day of creation? 1-light, day, night 2-seperated sky from water 3-seperated land from water & plant life 4-sun,moon,stars 5-animals 6-man 7-rested
who was the first person and how were they created? adam; out of dust
where did God place adam and eve to live? the garden of eden
what command did god give to adam and eve? not to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil
what verse in genesis chp 3 do we see the promise of a savior? 3:15
what did God do for adam and eve before he kicked them out of the garden of eden clothed them and made a sacrafice
what 3 problems in genesis 11 caused God to change the languages of the people? 1)they did not settle the whole earth 2)false worship 3)they all spoke the same langugage
how old was noah when God asked him to build the ark? 500
How did God prove faithful to Noah? He brought him through the trail safely
How many peolpe were on the ark with Noah? 7
What was God's promise to Noah when he came out of the arl? how did he show it? he would never destroy the earth by flooding it again; rainbow
where did abram live before God told him to move? haran
Who went with abram to the place God showed him? wife, lot, and all his possesions
why did lot and abram seperate from each other? their possesions were too many and their servants were beginning to quarell
where did lot choose to settle? Sodom and Gomorrah
which chp of genesis Ggod makes a covenant with abram? Which animals does He ask him to bring? chp 15; cow, goat, ram, dove, pigeon
what did God promise in His covenant with abram? 1)offspring will be enslaved and mistreated for 400 years 2)God will punish the nation they serve and they will walk out with their wealth 3)he will return to his fathers in peace and be buried at a old age 4)4th generation the decendents will return
what passed through the pieces of animals fire pillar-God
what did abram do while he waited for God? drove away birds of prey and fell asleep
what was going to happen to abram's decendents? slaves in egypt
how long would the serve as slaves? 400 years
what was God going to do to the country His people served as slaves? strip them of their wealth while they left
how did sari plan to get abram a son? made her servant, hagar, sleep with him
how did sari treat hagar after her plan worked? what did hagar do in response? treated her badly; she ran away
what was God's promise to hagar? 1)he will be a wild donkey of a man 2)he will live in hostility with his bros 3)you'll call him ishmael
what does ishmael mean? "God hears"
what does abraham mean? father of many
what does isaac mean? he laughs
what did sarah want to do with ishmael and hagar after isaac was born? get rid of them
what did God promise abraham concerning ishmael? He would look out for him
how did God test abraham in gen 22? He told him to sacrafice isaac
what did God provide for abraham and isaac during their test? a ram
who are isaac's kids and what do their names mean? jacob-grasps the heel; deciever esau-red and hairy
who does isaac marry and what does God tell her about her children? Rebekah; the youner would rule the older
what does jacob trick esau out of and where does he flee to? birthright and blessing; haran
what was jacob's dream and where did he have it? bethel; angels going up and down the stairway, speaks to God and He reiderates the promise
who did jacob marry 1st and 2nd? how many years does he work for laban? leah then rachel; 14 years
who was coming to meet jacob after he fled from laban? esau
what does israel mean? one who struggles with God and man and conquers
how many sons does jacob have? which did he make a coat for? 12; joseph
where was jacocb buried? in the famil tomb of abraham; amram
how many dreams did jopseph have and what did they mean? how did his family feel about the dreams? 2; the sun, moon and 11 stars bowed down to him, grain stalks bowed down to him; they did not approve of the dreams
what were the reasons joseeph's brothers hated and mistreated him? 1)he was the favorite 2)reports 3)dreams
what did joseph's brothers do to him and whose idea was it to sell him? threw him in a well; judah
who did joseph work for in egypt? how was he mistreated? potiphar; he was accused of sexual assult and thrown in jail
whose dreams did joseph interpret while he was in jail and what did they mean? cup bearer- he would be reinstated in 3 days baker- he would be hung in 3 days
how was joseph mistreated while he was in jail? the cup bearer forgot him
how many dreams did pharaoh have? what was josephs reward for interpreting them? 2; he was made second in command
how many of joseph's brothers made the trip to egypt to get grain? who did joseph keep in jail and how were they supposed to prove their innocence? 10; simeon; bring back ben
whose plan did jacob reject in reguards to ben? whose did he accept? ruben; judah
whose bag did joseph put his cup into? what did joseph give his brothers back in their grain bags? ban; their $ back
what did his family do after joseph revealed himself? moved to goshen?
whom did jacob bless before his death and what was the blessing? judah; made him over his brothers
what tribe was moses born into? who were his hebrew mother and father? who were his siblings? levi; amram, jochebed; aaron, miriam
who found moses in the river? what does moses mean? hatsheput; to draw out
why did jochebed put moses in the basket in the nile? to save his life?
who did moses kill? an egyptian
where did moses flee to? how old was he when he fled? what did he do when he first got there? whose flocks did he help water? midian; 40; saved sheep; zipporah
which of jethro's daughter's did moses marry? zipporah
what is the signifigance of God walking through the blood covenant instead of abraham? what does it mean that he would soak up the blood instead of abram passing through if it was broken, it would be on God and abraham would not have to die
how did God look after Joseph while he was in egypt? He was with him; ex:he was put in charge of potiphar's house, the jail and egypt
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