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Circulatory System


How many liters of blood in females? 4 to 5 L
How many liters of blood in males? 5 to 6 L
What are the 3 activities of blood? transportation, regulation & protection
What percentage of the blood volume is plasma? 55%
What is plasma? Liquid portion of blood. 90% is water
What are the 3 major classes of plasma proteins? Albumins, Globulins, Fibrinogens
Where are albumumins produced? in the liver
what is the function of albumins? maintain the fluid balance between the blood and interstitial fluid
What are the 3 types of Globulins? Alpha, Beta & Gamma
What are globulins? antibodies that function in immunity
Where are globulins produced? lymphoid tissue
Where is fibrinogen produced? produced in liver and functions in blood clotting
What is serum? When blood clots in a test tube, the liquid that remains
Besides proteins, what are other plasma solutes that contain Nitrogen? amino acids, urea & uric acid
What is absorbed in the blood and transported to the cells that need them? amino acids
Waste products of protein and nucleic acid catabolism are what? Urea and Uric Acid
List some electrolytes Sodium Potassium, Calcium, Chloride, Bicarbonate and Phosphate
List 3 classes of Formed Elements Erythrocytes, leukocytes and thrombocytes
Do Mature RBCs have a nucleus? No, they are anucleate
What are reticulocytes? immature erythrocytes that are circulating in the blood
What is the primary function of erythrocytes? to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide
What color is oxyhemoglobin? bright red
what color is deoxyhemoglobin? dark red
What is erythropoietin? Hormone that stimulates erythrocyte production
What do the cells in the stomach produce? intrinsic factor. It's a factor necessary for the absorption of vitamin B12 in intestines
What is pernicious anemia? When the intrisinic factor cannot be absorbed
How long do normal erythrocyles live? approx 120 days
Why are leukocytes white? lack of hemoglobin makes them appear white
What is diapedesis? when leukocytes are able to move through the capillary walls into the tissue spaces
What is hemotasis the stoppage of bleeding
What is serotonin chemical that stimulates smooth muscle contraction and prolongs the vascular constriction
What secretes serotonin? platelets
What is a mass of placelets called platelet plug
what does a platelet plug do? obstructs the tear in the vessel
What is the most effective mechanism in hemostasis? coagulation
What is coagulation? formation of a blood clot
What are anticoagulants? inhibit clotting
What is clot retraction? After a clot has formed, the fibrin strands contract
What is the function of a clot retraction causes the clot to shrink
What is fibrinolysis the process of when a clot is dissolved
What are blood vessels? the channels through which blood is distributed to body tissues
What are the function of arteries carry blood away from the heart
What are aterioles When blood is pumped from the ventricles into large elastic arteries that branch repeatedly into smaller and smaller branches. Resulting in microscopic arteries
List the 3 walls of an artery tunica interna, tunica media and tunica externa
What are capillaries the smallest and most numerous of the blood vessels
What are the functions of capillaries they form the connection between the vessels that carry blood away from the heart (arteries) and the vessels that return the blood to the heart (veins)
What is the function of veins carries blood toward the heart
What color is a Neutrophil Violet-pink 50-70%
What color is a Eosinophil reddish orange 1-4%
What color is a Basophil bluish-black 0-1%
What color is a Lymphocyte deep purplish blue 20-35%
What color is a Monocyte grayish blue 3-8%
What is function Neutrophils they are the first leukocytes to respond to tissue damage
What is the function of Eosinophils neutralize histamine
What is the function of Basophils secrete histamine and heparin
What is the function of Lymphocytes involved with the immune system and the production of antibodies
What is the function of Monocytes engulf bacteria and cellular debris to finish the cleanup process started by the neutrophils
How many RBCs do females have? 4- 5.5 Million
How many RBCs do Males have? 4.5 - 6.2 Million
What is an immature neutrophil called? Band
What are functions of histamine? Increases blood flow to damaged tissues and 2. dilates blood vessels in allergic reactions
What is function of Heparin? Inhibits blood clot formation
What are small fragments of large cells? megakaryocytes
List 3 processes of Hemostasis (stoppage of bleeding) 1. Vascular Construction, 2. Platelet Plug formation 3. Coagulation
What is the first response to blood vessel injury? Vascular constriction
What type of Antigen does Blood Type A have? A Antigen
What type of Antigen does Blood Type B have? B Antigen
What type of Antigen does Blood Type AB have? A & B Antigens
What type of Antigen does Blood Type O have? Neither A nor B Antigens
What type of Antibodies does Blood Type A have? B Antibodies
What type of Antibodies does Blood Type B have? A Antibodies
What type of Antibodies does Blood Type AB have? Neither A nor B Antibodies
What type of Antibodies does Blood Type O have? Both A & B Antibodies
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