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ReLiGiOn YeAh

blackwelder midterm

perfection of charity hope
the faithful people of God the Church that rnt in holy orders or the clergy laity
process of being made holy sanctification
person notable for holiness and heroic virtue saint
those who die for faith martyr
person who suffers social or personal persecution for faith but doesnt die dry martyr
he called vatican II pope john paul XXIII
sanctus means holy
three theological virtues faith hope charity
three things that aid us to become holy sacraments spiritual reading and spiritual direction
explain concept of mystical body of christ christ is the head and the church is the body. just like a human body, each part has a function
prayer jesus taught us lord's prayer
uplifting of mind and heart to God prayer
uplifting of mind and heart to God with spoken qords vocal prayer
virtue that grows in a person as he cooperates with Gods grace faith
prayer of understranding Gods revelation meditation
begins and ends prayer sign of cross
mystery of one God in 3 persons trinity
education of faith of catholic church catechesis
dinely revealed truth whose essense cant be full understood by man mystery of faith
specific gift or grace charism
no material in essence having no dependence in matter for its existence spirit
advocate or comforter; another name for holy spirit paraclete
3 persons of trinity are distinct but possess same nature consubstantial
study of God theology
son of god assumed human nature to accomplish the means to our own salvation incarnation
person who believes in one God monotheist
successor of st peter pope
revealed teaching of Christ which faithful are obliged to believe dogma
Gods triumph over evil general or last judgement
third person of trinity holy spirit
quality of being universal catholicity of the church
tradition the catholic church traces beginings directly from APOSTLES apostolicity of the church
when soul is seperated from body at death particular judgement
people of God church
journey to sacred place for blah blah pilgrimage
teaching office of church magisterium
free from error infallibility
books rejected from Bible apocryphal
sacred scripture Bible
complete list of books in Bible canon
letter epistle
pre christian greek translation septuagint
living transition of the message of Gospels sacred tradition
deposit of faith is copilation of sacred tradition and scripture
from latin word "to reveal" revelation
two divisions of Bible and how many books in each old testament-46 new testament-27
four division of new testament gospels acts revelation epistles
division of old testament pentateuch wisdom prophetic
BEGINS HOLY WEKK palm sunday
yearly celebration of Christs life liturgical cycle
begins lenten season ash wednesday
celebrates coming of holy spirit and end easter season pentacost
feast day of visitation of three wise men epiphany
6 days that catholis are to attend mass 6 holy days of obligation
three days of holy thursday good friday and holy saturday triduum
visit of andel gabrielle to mary annunciation
week before easter holy week
highest feast day of liturgical year easter day
non jew gentile
restricting amount of food taken in fasting
color of advent violet
color of lent purple
color of christmas time white
color of easter time white/gold
color of ordinary time green
solemnity of mary jan 1
christmas day dec 25
assumption of mary aug 15
all saints day nov 1
ascension of jesus may 17
immaculate conception of mary dec 8
ash wednesday feb 22
epiphany jan 6
pentecost may 27
easter day april 8
palm sunday april 1
triduum april 5,6,7
3 sourcs for difficulyty in prayer bible,mass,theological virtues
sacraments institued at last supper holy orders and eucharist
most important condition for beginning to pray set time
the pope right now pope benedict XVI
jesus changed simons name to peter...why? peter means rock, naming him the foundation of the church
4 marks of the church apostilicity catholicity holiness unity
Created by: putttman
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