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midterm theology exam

highest norm of human life divine law
particular application of of the natural law for the members of a particular society civil law
the light of understanding God placed in us at creation natural law
T or F- determinists believe in freedom of the human will false
t or f- the word imputable means accountable true
t or f- ignorance always dissmisses us from responsiblity for our actions false
torf- the purpose of both external and internal freedom is to free us for the service of others true
t or f-freedom is rooted in both reason and will true
t or f-one result of freedom is that we can use it to build our characters true
t or f- human freedom is absolute false
t or f-one of out greatest freedoms is the freedom to change true
t or f- for a law to be good it must be reasonable and directed to the common good true
external freedom does not include... freedom from addiction and drugs
the impediment to freedom that is caused by not paying sufficeint attention before we act is.... inadvertance
the impediment to freedom that involves craving something to the point it owns us is.. inordinate attatchment
a certain standard or quality that we judge is worthwhile is known as value
the offical body of laws which regulate how the catholic church governs itself canon law
because we are free, we must also accept.... responsibility
a bad habit is known as... vice
the fundimental, most basic norm of christianity morality is jesus
6 precepts -take communion during easter,-confess at least once a year,-fast,-help church as much as you can,-mass every sunday,-mass on holy days of obligation
1st commandment no other gods
2nd commandment do not take lord's name in vain
3rd keep holy the sabbath
4th honor mother and father
5th do not kill
6th do not commit adultery
7th do not steal
8th do not bear false wittness
9th do not covit neighbor's wife
10th do not covit neighbors things
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