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Ancient China Shang

20.2 The Shang performed __________ __________________ when they built a new royal house for good luck. human sacrifices
20.2 Name 3 items that were buried with the king when he died. slaves, servants, and animals
20.2 Name 2 bronze objects, one jade object, and one transportation object found in a Shang king's tomb. Bronze- weapons and vessels, jade- ornaments, chariots
20.3 To expand his power, the king set up kingdoms under his younger brothers and nephews
20.3 A king passed power on to his younger _______ or ___ brother, son
20.3 Shang kings used strong ____________ to expand their rule. They were at constant ______. They fought to keep other __________ under control. armies, war, clans
20.3 The Shang captured prisoners of war to keep as laborers and as __________ ____________________. human sacrifices
20.3 The Shang were among the first people to discover how to make ____________ weapons from a mixture of ____________ and ______. This made Shang armies very powerful. bronze, copper, tin
20.4 Shang society was divided into ______ social classes. List them. 6, King and family, nobles, craftspeople, traders, farmers, and slaves
20.4 ____________ fought in the king's army. They also provided weapons, soldiers, and chariots. In return, the king did not interfere with their ______________. And the nobles enjoyed a life of luxury. nobles, control
20.4 This class included bronze and jade workers. craftspeople
20.4 Scholars believe the Shang ____________ extensively. The chinese word for merchant today is __________ ______, which means, "Shang man." ____________ ____________ were traded as money. traded, shang ren, cowrie shells
20.4 ______________ were the largest social class. They did not own their own ________ and kept enough food only for their families. The rest of the food went to the ____________ who sent some to the ________. Farmers, land, nobles, king
20.4 ____________ were at the bottom of the social class. They spent their lives building tombs and ______________ and were sometimes __________________ so they could serve their masters in the afterlife. slaves, palaces, sacrificed
20.5 Religion centered on ______________ ______________. ancestor worship
20.5 Kings had the power to rule from powerful __________________, but also __________________, including duty to follow the wishes of their ancestors. ancestors, responsibilities
20.5 Kings used ____________ ____________ to ask for ____________ from the ancestors. oracle bones, advice
20.6 Chinese writing is made up of ________________ that stand for words rather than sounds. words, sounds
20.7 Shang artists made ____________ of bronze and jewelry of ________. vessels, jade
20.8 Name 3 tools of war the Shang made of bronze. The Shang stayed on power for nearly ______ years. arrowheads, spearheads, ax heads, helmets, 500
20.9 Fighting so many wars _________________ the military of the Shang. Kings and nobles spent enormous amounts of __________ on luxury. Eventually the ________ rose up and defeated the Shang. weakened, money, Zhou
20.9 One story says the king ran from the battlefield, put on his jewelry and threw himself into the ________ as ________ rebels stormed the capital city. fire, Zhou
Created by: cmays