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RCP significance

Significance of RCP identifications

surah In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful; monotheistic
tawid absolute monotheism
sharia rules by which the Muslims live, as laid down by the Koran
Al-Quds Holy House, referring to Jerusalem. Shows the importance of Jerusalem to the Muslim people.
Haram esh-Sharif Temple Mount; religion based on Judiasm, but have the correct view. Temple Mount is holy.
Al-Aqusa Mosque the farther mosque; was set up on the Temple Mount. Carries on the tradition of a religious group "taking over" another group's holy place
dhimmi protected minority; written in the Koran about protecting minorities...this religion was a bit more tolerant
jihad to struggle; struggle of the battlefield between believers and non-believers
infidel non-believer; term of intolerance (us and them mentality) which leads to conflict
Antioch the first battle of the Crusades; miraculously won= set in the idea that God was with them
Knights Templar a militaristic group that answered to the church and was stationed on the Temple Mount= solidifies the idea that this was not only a political conquest but a religious one
Franks what the Muslims called the Crusaders; shows how little each group knew about each other
Zangi he started bringing all the Muslims together after the Crusades; brought together under religion, not nationality b/c the religion was under attack (Koran)
Salah ed-Din Destroyed the crusaders in the Battle of Hittin; united almost all of the Muslim world under one banner (religious)
1187 Battle of Hittin Muslims defeated the crusaders; no looting or massacre, western christians God still with the crusaders?
Pope Urban II called for the Crusade; intolerance (Jerusalem is in the wrong hands)
Council of Claremont where Pope Urban II called for the Crusades; Jerusalem in the wrong hands
1099 massacre massacre of the Muslims in Jerusalem; intolerance, killing of the infidels (kill everything that breathes)
firman decree
pogrom state-ignored massacres of Jewish settlements;
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