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6P World History 9

What is the time period for Muslim Civilizations? 600-1600AD
What fraction of the world's people (currently) are Islamic? 1/4
What was the pre-Islamic culture like? It was a largely oral culture without written documents. The stories were passed down from generation to generation. There was constant warfare over things like land, trade routes, and water.
What is the Kaaba? It is a shrine/temple to the spirits.
How did the new Islamic culture change the lives of those people? Since Muslims believe in one god, it created the idea that one god means one people. This helped decrease tribal division. The Islamic culture also carried with it a strong social justice message-all wealth should be shared and all people are equal.
How was the Quran compiled? In the beginning, the Quran was revealed orally, but eventually it had to be written down so that the message would not be corrupted. It was both revealed and written in Arabic.
Who was the early leader of the Ottomans? Osman Bey, a warrior of great ambition.
Where did the Ottomans expand to? The west, where there were many Christians; they didn't want to attack the Muslims.
What did the Ottoman Turks do? They set up an important dynasty which created a crucial link between Europe, Africa, and Asia.
What happened in the year 1326? The Ottomans took the city of Bursa where they made their seat of power. This became a huge event since the Ottomans were originally nomads but were now beginning a settled way of life.
Who came to power in the mid 15th Century? Mehmed; he set his sights on Constantinople.
What is a sultan? A ruler.
What happened in the year 1453? The Ottomans took Constantinople using mainly cannons. Constantinople asked Europe for help, but Europe was too weak to respond at the time. Mehmed and his people went straight to Haja Sophia and changed it into a mosque.
What did the news of the fall of Constantinople do? It sent shockwaves around the world since Constantinople had been a symbol of Christian domination of the East. Now the Ottomans' goal was to conquer Europe.
Who was Suleiman? He lived from 1494-1566 and was the most powerful of the Ottomans, having a tremendous impact on the empire. He was feared by Europeans, developed a legal system, and created great architecture.
What was Suleiman's first major defeat? It was in Vienna and was the first victory for Europe.
What brought Suleiman great sorrow? Europeans/Christians were not what brought Suleiman great sorrow; rather, issues in his household involving his 2nd wife Roxelana and his 1st born son were what troubled him most.
What are Islam's traditions intertwined to? The west.
How many Christians are there in the world? 2.2 billion; about 1/2 are Roman Catholic. Christianity is the largest world religion.
How many Muslims are there in the world? 1.3 billion; it is the second largest world religion.
What are the two countries with the largest number of Muslims? Pakistan and India.
Created by: extraaweshum