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Lauren's Religon

Catholic Religious Final

Steadfast love truth almighty Attributes of God
To turn from God sin
God is was and will always be eternal
the ability to think and make connections intellect
Created in God's image humans are free to ______ choose
Because God is a __________ we will not fully understand him until we are in heaven. mystery
The story of God's relationship with his chosen people is recorded in the __________ _______________ New Testament
In author of the gospel of oh tells us that Jesus is the _________ word
The ______________ sense of scripture refers to actual words that have been recorded literal
Catholics respond to God and commit themselves to follow God's word during ________ mass
God is the author of the Bible because he inspired it's __________ authors
The ________ are the central books of Scripture because they present Jesus' life ministry and teaching Gospels
In the bible the literary form of __________ help people see the surprising ways God works allegorical
The ________________ of Scripture explains how to live justly and humbly before God moral sense
Another way to refer to god as father Abba
Through ________ God wants to reconcile himself. his Son
In the Bible the literary form of __________ helps people see the surprising way God works. parables
Known as the Lily of the Mohawk Kateri Takawitha
Wrote one of the gosples Matthew
Started "Brown Joeys" Mary Mackillop
Parents and children need to honor their relationship in a loving way according to the ________ ________ fourth commandment
Jesus is like us in all things but _____. sin
God the father speaks directly to us through the power of __________________ incarnation
A person who speaks on our behalf advocate
literally means in the flesh incarnation
Prayers of __________ acknowledge and thank God thanksgiving
Created by: lkubat



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