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airlift system of carring supplies
blockade force to prevnt entry
cold war late 1940'sunited states and suvioet union fought eachother
communisum system of economic ways
cooperation farmed own by goverment
cottage industry home or village based indestry
deterrence maintnence of military power
eu european union
euro common currence adopted by countres
genocide mass murder of people
holocast syomatic murder from world war two
human resorces supply of people who produce goods
imperilism system of building foriegn empires
intedependence dependence of other countries
nato north atlantic treaty union
nuclear weapon weapons of destructive power
productivity measurment of amount of work accomplished
satalite nation natiom policliy dominatd
strike refusal to work
textiles woven cloth
turmoil state of confusion
union labor organization
ussr union of suviot social republics
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