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anna k's midterm 3

anna k's religion midterm 3

steadfastlove,truth,almighty are all. attributes of god.
to turn from god. sin.
god is,was,and always will be. eternal.
the ability to think and make connections. intellect.
created in gods image humans are free to. choose.
because god is a ? we will not fully understand him until we are in heaven. mystery.
the story of gods relationship with his choosen people is recorded in the. old testament.
through ? god wants us to reconcile creation to himself. his son.
the author of the gospel of john tells us that jesus christ is the ? of god. word.
shows how certain events pointed to christ even before his birth. allegorical.
explains how to live justly and humbly before god. moral sense.
shows how human events and realities are signs of our heavenly future. anagogical.
refers to the actual words that have been recorded. literal sense.
catholics respond to god and commit themselves to follow gods word during. mass.
central books of scripture because they present jesus' life,ministry,and teaching. gospels.
gods word helps us develop a. conscience.
in the bible the literary form of ? help people see the surprising way god works. parables.
what are the three stages of the development of the gospels. hhappened,oral,written.
in the ? jesus makes it known that gods divine life can be part of our existence. resurrection.
at the begging of the lords prayer god is refered to as the. abba or our father.
jesus was god the fathers new ? with us so that we would be reconciled with him. covenant.
? which we can understand through common sense requires us to do good and avoid evil. natural law.
gods ? is a binding agreement and promise to remain in a loving relationship. covenant.
when we are ? we become adopted children of god. baptized.
the ten commandments are gods ? revealed law.
christians are called to live holy lives because of the ? that exists within their hearts. law of love.
refers to the actual words that have been recorded. literal sense of scriptures.
time when catholics respond to god and commit themselves to follow gods word. mass.
precieved through common sense,requires us to do and avoid evil. natural law.
god has offered us the free and undeserved gift of. grace.
when we are baptized we become members of gods family, the church.
the ? has spoken through the prophets and now speaks through the church. holy spirit.
jesus asked the apostles to go and make ? of all nations. disciples.
the center of catholic faith and belief is the. blessed trinity.
parents and children need to honor their relationship in a loving way according to the. fourth commandment.
? or the authority of our government comes from gods authority and his care for all people. civil authority.
literally means in the flesh. incarnation.
a sign or wonder or action through the power of god. miracle.
the angels visit to mary. annunciation.
the everlasting word of god. jesus.
the ? was acting in mary before she was born so that through her son of god could become man. holy spirit.
the name jesus literally means. god saves.
god the father speaks ? to us in christ through the power of the incarnation. directly.
the holy spirit is the. soul.
at the last supper jesus promised hid followers another. advocate.
? is when we raise our hearts and minds to god prayer.
the liturgical feast celebrating the descent of the holy spirit upon the apostles is known as the. pentecost.
a prayer of ? is when we ask for some thing good for ourselves. petition.
the holy spirit brings those in the church into ? by their beliefs in jesus. harmony.
when we pray a prayer of ? we identify gods girt to us. blessing.
the holy spirit acts throught the ? of the church to teach and form us. living tradition.
gods family on earth. the church.
acknowleges and thanks to god. prayer of thanksgiving.
asks god something good for another person. prayer of intercession.
applauds god for being who he is. prayer of praise.
someone who speaks on your behalf. advocate.
the divine foundation for the stories and text of the bible. inspiration.
Created by: kirbymagic
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