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CMS 7th SS

Chamberlain Middle School 7th Grade SS Unit 5

In geographic terms, Italy is a peninsula
In what way was the Twelve Tables similar to the US Constitution They were both written to protect people's rights
The center of life in ancient Rome was the Forum
One reason the Roman trade network grew was that Romans needed to bring in food from other parts of the Mediterranean
Which event after 88 BC had the most important effect on the Roman Republic's government Sulla named himself dictator
In terms of importance to Rome's growth, which effect of Italy's climate would you rank first It provied Romans with a large food supply
Which of the following is the best prediction of what might have happened if the Roman nobles had not overthrown their last king? Rome would have had more Kings after him
Romans who were magistrates and Romans who took part in assemblies were similar because both could serve for only one year
Many nearby countries declared war on Rome because thery were threatened by Rome's power
What was the most important effect the killing of the Gracchus brothers had on Roman politics Romans saw violence could be used as a political weapon
After Caesars's rule, Octavian worked to capture Caesar's killers
Roman roads were built primarily in order to allow Rome's armies to travel through the empire
Which of the following is the main reason why the Roman language spread to the farthest parts of the empire The Romans conducted business in their language
which of the following best describes why many people became Jesus's followers He traveled and taught them about his ideas
The Roman Empire fell for all of the following reasons except disease
Which word best describes the Roman approach to science and engineering practical
What effect did the occupation of Judea have on the Roman empire It caused the Jews to rebel against Roman rule
What effect did Theodora have on the riots in AD 532 She helped the emperor put an end to the uprisings
What role does the system of checks and balances play in the United States It prevents each branch from overpowering the others
What is one similarity between Christmas and Easter Neither is based on an exact date in history
According to legend, Aeneas came to Rome from Troy
Rome's last three kings were Etruscan
Rome Fought the Punic Wars against Carthage
When Rome conqured ______________ they adopted much of the culture of the people who lived there Greece
Between 58 and 50 BC Julius Caesar conquered nearly all of Gaul
A government in which people elect their leaders republic
Rulers with almost absolute power dictators
Rome's common people plebeins
Noble, powerful citizens of Rome patrictians
Rome's most powerful magistrates consuls
A council of weathy and powerful Romans who advised the city's leaders Senate
Rome's public meeting place Forum
Consiting of three parts tripartite
The reason something is done primary
A person who is a public speaker orator
Outlying areas that Rome controlled provinces
A legal system based on a written code of laws civil law
A famous Roman poet Ovid
Punishing a group because of its beliefs persecution
Created by: wjewell