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Nutrition Final-Ch11

What are two things that fitness reduces the risk of? heart disease and type 2 diabetes
What are three things that fitness can improve? body composition, bone health, and the immune system
Exercise can increase/decrease what? increase-metabolism decrease-appetite
What are the 5 basic components of fitness? cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, body composition
What is the two things that reistance training works to increase? muscle strength and endurance
Physical Activity Intensity: Moderate Intensity 3.5-7 kcal/min
Physical Activity Intensity: Vigorous Intensity >7 kcal/min
What are 4 ways to reduce overuse injuries? -be active all week -warmup & cool down -pay attention to body signals -workout wisely
What does ATP stand for adenosine triphoshate
What is a compound that is broken down to produce energy for working muscles and other tissues? ATP
What is a compound stored in the muscles that is broken down to replenish ATP stores? creatine phosphate
How many carbs should you consume in a pre-exercise meal? 1-4.5g carb/ kg body weight
How long before exercise should you consume carbs? 15-30 minutes
What is it when you beome dehyrated because you didnt prepare properly? acute dehydration
What is called when you become dehydrated after multiple sporting events. chronic dehydration
What is it called when there are dangerously low levels of sadium in the blood? hyponatremia
How long does a "long endurance event" take? more than 60 minutes
What are four poor beverage choices? fruit juice, carbonated drinks, alcohol, caffine
What percent of carbs, sodium, and potassium do sports drinks contain? 6-8%
What 5 types of pathogens can cause food bourne illness? viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemical agents, and toxins
What are the two most common types of pathogens? e.coli and salmonella
What kinds of people are at a higher risk of food bourne illness? ill, malnourished, pregnant, older adults and young children
What is the danger zone? 40-140 degrees
What are the 4 C's of food safety? 1)Clean hands and produce 2)Combat cross contamination 3) cook food thouroghly 4)chill food @ low enough temperature
What is the proper way to wash your hands? warm water, soap, and 20 seconds of friction
Where should you thaw meats or poultry? fridge
How long can you refrigerate raw meats? 2 days
How long can you leave food out? 2 hours
How many days can you keep leftovers? 4 days
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