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Bible 9 Coe

2011 Mid Term TWCA 9

Paul made his final appeal to whom? Nero
Deacons were appointed because what widows were not being cared for? Grecian/Hellenistic
Two key deacons of the seven chosen. Stephen and Philip
What happened to Ananias and Sapphira? They died
Why did Ananias and Sapphira die? They stole money and lied to the Holy Spirit
In what three languages was the Bible written? Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic
In what language was the New Testament written? Greek
In what two languages was the Old Testament written? Hebrew, Aramaic
Into how many languages has the Bible been translated? 2200
Over how many years was the Bible written? 1500
Was Paul a Roman citizen? yes
Where was Paul headed and for what purpose when he was converted? Damascus, to arrest Christians
Who held the clothes of Stephen while he was stoned? Saul
True or false: Peter's vision in Acts 10 included only clean animals. False
What did Paul do to earn a living? tent maker
What were the guards told to tell people about the body of Jesus? The disciples stole it
Into what language was the Vulgate translated? Latin
Who translated the Vulgate? Jerome
When was the Vulgate translated? 382
Why were Paul and Silas put into prison in Philippi? Healing a demon possessed girl
What years did Paul travel on his second missionary journey? 49-52
Who presided over the Jerusalem Council? James
Where was Paul shipwrecked well on his way to Rome? Malta
While in Athens Paul preached before what group? The Areopagus, Athenian city council
To what goddess was the Temple in Ephesus dedicated? Artemis
Who were the two governors before whom Paul pleaded his case? Felix, Festus
What does the term "autograph" mean? The original document
Who wrote Galatians? Paul
About what year was Galatians written? 48-49
Years Paul travel on his third missionary journey. 54-58
Year Paul arrived in Rome. 60
Year Paul arrived in Jerusalem. 57
Day of the week Jesus rose from the dead. Sunday
Day of the week Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey. Sunday
The day of the week Judas agreed to betray Jesus. Tuesday
Day of the week Jesus had Last Supper. Thursday
Day of the week Jesus washed the disciples' feet Thursday
Day Jesus carried his cross to Golgotha Friday
Number of times Peter denied Jesus three
Number of days between the resurrection and Pentecost 50
Number of days between the resurrection and the ascension of Jesus 40
Location from which Jesus ascended to heaven Mount of Olives
The only book in the New Testament to be considered historical narrative Acts
Common language of the ancient Near East Aramaic
Time of the morning when events at Pentecost take place 9 AM
Replaced Judas as the 12th apostle Matthias
"Protomartyr" First martyr
Who was the first martyr? Stephen
Pentecost is related to what Old Testament event The tower of Babel
Gentile who has converted to Judaism Proselyte
Gentile who is interested in Judaism but has not converted God-fearer
Name of the guy who fell from the window while Paul was preaching Eutyches
Person who healed Paul's blindness after his conversion Ananias
First person to see the risen Jesus Mary Magdalene
Who rolled the stone away from Jesus' tomb? An angel
City without a Jewish synagogue Philippi
Roman soldier who took Paul into custody Claudius Lycias
To whom was the book of Galatians written? Churches in the region of Galatia
Apostle who also presented his experience with the Gentiles before the Jerusalem Council Peter
After his conversion, in what city and in one place in that city did Paul first preach? Damascus, synagogue
To whom was Jesus referring when he tells Paul to "stop persecuting me"? The church/believers/Christians
What are the four alternative theories to the resurrection? 1. Wrong tomb 4. Swoon 2. Hallucination 3. Stolen body
Rumor that Jews spread about Paul Telling Jews not to follow Jewish traditions
a Gentile who reads the scriptures and attended Jewish worship in a synagogue but never converted to Judaism God-fearer
What is the main theme of Galatians Freedom in Christ
Year Galatians was written 48-49
The restoration of Jesus took place near what body of water? Sea of Galilee
On what day did Jesus prediect Peter would deny him? Thursday
Year Jerusalem Council was held 50
On what day in Holy Week was Jesus buried? Friday
On what day in Holy Week was Jesus crucified? Friday
On what day in Holy Week did Jesus ride into Jerusalem on a donky? Sunday
On what day in Holy Week were Jesus' civil trials held? Friday
On what day in Holy Week did Jesus teach in the Temple? Tuesday
On what day in Holy Week did Jesus curse the fig tree? Monday
Created by: FrWNC1
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