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Bible 8 Coe

Mid term 2011 TWCA 8

First two groups to visit the baby Jesus Shepherds and Magi
Date Diocletian ordered the Scriptures to be destroyed 303
Man promised by God he would not die until he saw the Messiah Simeon
Aristocratic Jewish leaders Sadducees
Believed in the Torah and oral law Pharisees
Jewish group who wanted to overthrow the Roman government Zealots
Documents found by Shepherd boy in 1947 Dead Sea Scrolls
Written account of the oral/rabbinic law Talmud
What is the emphasis of Mark's gospel? It is action oriented
What is the emphasis of Matthew's gospel? It focuses on the teaching of Jesus
What word is used 41 times in Mark's Gospel Straightaway
What were Luke's professions? Physician and historian
What is the name of the angel who visited Mary? Gabriel
Who is Mary's cousin? Elizabeth
who baptized Jesus? John the Baptist
What year did Herod begin rebuilding the Temple? 19 BC
what year was the Temple completed? 64
What was the name of the last person in Luke's genealogy? Adam
what was the name of the last person in Matthew's genealogy? Jesus
How many times was the Samaritan woman married? 5
What two taboos did Jesus commit when speaking with the Samaritan woman? speaking to a woman and speaking to the Samaritan
Who lead Jesus into the desert to be tempted? the Holy Spirit
In what body of water was Jesus baptized? The Jordan River
In what language was the New Testament written? Greek
In what two languages was the Old Testament Hebrew and Aramaic
In what year was the Vulgate translated? 382
Who translated the Vulgate? Jerome
Into what language was the Vulgate translated? Latin
What did Mary and Joseph offer as a sacrifice for Mary's purification? 2 pigeons or turtledoves
How old was Jesus when he was circumcised? 8 days
What group lived close to the Dead Sea? Essenes
What two books of the New Testament did Luke write? Luke, Acts
What was the Jewish Supreme Court called? Sanhedrin
Which gospel is the Jewish gospel? Matthew
Which gospel is known as the "universal gospel"? Luke
Which gospel is more action oriented? Mark
which gospel it focuses more on Jesus' teaching? Matthew
The Septuagint is represented by what Roman numerals LXX
The books did Marcion believe should be in the New Testament. Luke, epistles of Paul
Jesus performed his first miracle in what city? Cana
What was Jesus' first miracle? turning water to wine
Who was the only one who could enter the Holy of Holies? The high priest
Who were known as the assassins? Sicarii
In what city did Jesus grow up? Nazareth
In what city was Jesus born? Bethlehem
Which gospel was written to encourage Christians in Rome who were suffering persecution? Mark
Which Gospels have the cleansing of the Temple early in Jesus' ministry? the synoptic Gospels
Who had all the male children under age 2 killed? Herod the great
What is another name for wise men? Magi
Jesus told Nicodemus he had to be born of what to enter the kingdom of heaven? Water and the Holy Spirit
Pontius Pilate ruled during what years? 26-36
What does the term "autograph" mean? An original document
What did Matthew do for a living? tax collector
What city did Herod built on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea? Caesarea
Who else knew the water had turned to wine besides Jesus? The servants
Nicodemus was a member of what Jewish governing body? Sanhedrin
Book of the Bible where the virgin birth is prophesied. Isaiah
Book of the Bible were the mocking of Jesus is foretold. Psalm 22
When Jesus cleanse the Temple he said he was supposed to be what? A house of prayer
The three continents on which the Bible was written. Asia, Africa, Europe
"city of David" Bethlehem
Jesus responded to each temptation with what? Scripture
When and to whom was the gospel of John written? 50-70, a Greek audience
Four pieces of evidence show that Matthew is a Jewish gospel. 1. Quotes OT over 65 times 2. Refers to Jewish traditions without explaining them 3. Uses the term kingdom of heaven and not kingdom of God 4. Refers to Jesus as the son of David
Main themes of Mark's gospel 1. Immediacy 2. Power of Jesus over nature, demons, disease 3. Jesus as the suffering servant 4. Call to discipleship
What is the mindset of Nicodemus earthly
Presided over the Sanhedrin The High Priest
2 taboos Jesus committed when talking to Samaritan woman. Talking to a woman and talking to a Samaritan
Created by: FrWNC1
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