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6th AH midterm jcoe

2011 6th Grade Ancient History Midterm

The geography of Greece prevented Greeks from creating a large, unified empire.
The Minoans helped to shape the first Greek civilization.
Slaves in Ancient Greece could not go to school. enter politics use their own name
Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar both built up Babylon.
The resource for which Phoenicia was well known was cedar wood.
What was the relationship between trade and the spread of the Phoenician alphabet? The Phoenician alphabet spread along their trade routes.
What technology did the Hittites and Assyrians use in battle? iron weapons and chariots
What was most likely the reason that ziggurats were tall? to honor the gods
Which of the following best describes cuneiform? a form of writing using wedge-shaped symbols
Who served as the link between the Sumerians and the gods? priests
What‐did‐Sargon’s‐empire‐have‐in‐common‐with‐other‐Mesopotamian‐ city-states? It fought with surrounding city-states.
Which is the best explanation for why Mesopotamians built canals? They‐needed‐a‐way‐to‐control‐the‐river’s‐flow.
Which two land features gave Mesopotamia its name? the Tigris River and the Euphrates River
Which of the following is an example of a physical feature? desert
Which of the following would a historian be least interested in? the bones of a group
People who study history. historians
The study of the past. history
Imaginary creature with the body of a lion and the head of another animal sphinx
Egypt’s‐first‐pharaoh Menes
What job employed the most people in Egypt? farmer
Why did the Egyptians build their pyramids to be grand and spectacular? because they reflected a pharaoh’s importance
Which of the following best defines nobles? people from rich and powerful families
Who would the people of Egypt blame if crops did not grow or if disease struck? the pharaoh who was both ruler and god
How did Egyptian farmers water their crops? They built a series of canals.
Which of the following describes why cataracts both helped and harmed Egypt? Cataracts protected Egypt from invaders but prevented sailing on parts of the river.
Which of the following best defines delta? a triangle-shaped area of land
Which of the following best describes why Herodotus called Egypt the gift of the Nile? The Nile River brought fertility and life to the region.
Long poems that tell the story of a hero epics
An island, southeast of the Greek mainland: Crete
An effect (result) of the Peloponnesian Wars Democratic government suffered. Athens became the cultural center of Greece. Athenian domination ended.
After the Persian Wars , Athens enjoyed a golden age under Pericles because Athens became a direct democracy.
Who wrote two great epic poems of early Greece? Homer
The mainland of Greece is a ___________________________, land surrounded by water on three sides peninsula
After the Dark Age, Greeks began to set up city-states and entered a period‐of‐great‐achievements‐known‐as‐Greece’s‐ ___________________ age. classical
The town around the ________________________ was surrounded by walls for protection. acropolis
Steep rapids along a river. cataracts
A long-lasting, paperlike material made from reeds. papyrus
The Persian Wars impacted Ancient Greece by Athens emerging as the most powerful city-state.
The Persian Wars were a result of Greek city-states uniting to fight the threat of the Persian Empire.
Mycenaeans passed what on to later Greeks? Mesopotamian and Egyptian influences.
Greek culture still impacts us today through Arts, philosophy, math, and politics.
The Persian Wars impacted Ancient Greece by Athens emerging as the most powerful city-state.
) Whose tomb, discovered in 1922, taught us much about Egyptian burial practices and beliefs? King Tutankhamen
Which statement best summarizes the way people are represented in Egyptian painting? Upper bodies are shown straight on, while heads and legs are seen from the side.
Why were tombs filled with art, jewelry, and other treasures? Egyptians believed the dead enjoyed such materials in the afterlife.
Which of the following is not a feature you might find inside an Egyptian temple? paintings
How did the Rosetta Stone help scholars and historians in their study of hieroglyphics? It provided a Greek text that matched the early Egyptian writing.
Ramses the Great is best remembered as a great warrior and builder.
When a child was born to a Greek family, the father would carry his child, in a ritual dance, around the household.
The disadvantage of a globe is that: -It is not practical enough. -It does not show enough detail. -It is too big to fit into a pocket.
A globe is more accurate than a map because a globe can show the true shapes of continents and oceans.
The advantages of a flat map include its attention to detail like roads and smaller towns.
Flat maps were invented because it was impossible to make a globe that was complete enough to use and convenient enough to carry around.
Egypt was called the gift of the Nile because the Nile never flooded the land around it. False
Sumerians developed a math system based on the number 100. False
Sumerian _________ could be important religious leaders. women
The amount of land controlled by each city-state depended on its population. False
Hunter-gatherer groups first settled in Mesopotamia more than 20,000 years ago. False
The ______ River is the longest river in the world. Nile
Egyptians believed that pharaohs were _______. gods
Babylon was located near present-day Baghdad, Iraq.
Created by: coe.janet