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China and India-West

Ancient China and India Study Cards

What river is the center of Ancient India? Indus River
What 2 major cities were discovered in 1922 in Ancient India? Haroppa and Mohenja Daro
What is the idea that a person's actions will determine what happens after death Karma
What is the idea that after a person's death, they are reborn into another living thing? reincarnation
Name the system where each person is born into a particular class for life? caste system
What is the lowest level of living in Ancient India? untouchable
What modern day country is the Indus River Valley located in today? Pakistan
What is the tallest point on earth? Mt. Everest
What is the longest river in China and the 3rd longest in the world? Yangtze River
What major discovery was found in 1974--it was made for an emperor's afterlife? Terra Cotta Army
What mountain range boarders China to the south and India to the north? Himalaya Mountains
What buildings were built to house religious relics and writings for the Buddhist religion? Pagodas
What is the name of the imperial palace that was home to Chinese emerors? Forbidden City
What was the name of the major trade route connecting East Asia and Europe? Silk Road
What is the name of the philosopher that taught about life and government in Ancient China? Confucius
What animal is the symbol of peace, good health and prosperity? peace crane
What is the highest plateau on Earth? Plateau of Tibet
What is the 3rd largest desert in the world? Gobi Desert
What river in China overflowed annually to give them the fertile land and was known as "China's Sorrow" Yellow River
What has become known as the symbol of China and spreads thousands of miles? Great Wall of China
What foreign family invaded and conquered China? Khan family
What family established a dynasty and ruled China for almost a century? Mongolia
What ancient tradition was established and thought to be fashionable for women? foot binding
What is the most popular form of language in China? Mandarin
What is not determined by the caste system? religion
What jobs are in the TOP of the caste system? priests, teachers and judges
What jobs are in then SECOND level of the caste system? princes and warriors
What jobs are in the THIRD level of the caste system? Merchants and farmers
What jobs are in the FOURTH level of the caste system? laborers and craftsman
List these countries largest to smallest...China, Russia, Unites States, Canada Russia, Canada, Unites States, China
State the main religion in these Asian countries..China, Japan, and India China--Buddhism Japan--Buddhism India--Hinduism
What is the average height and weight of a terracotta soldier? 6'0 and 600 pounds
What major inventions were given to China? silk, paper, and porcelain Not iron ore
How high is Mt Everest? 29,035 feet
How many miles does the Great Wall of China cross? 4,163 miles
What is the name of the Chinese Mongol dynasty? Yuan
How did the Yellow Sea get its name? floods picked up yellow soil and turned the water yellow
What gods exist in the Hindu religion? Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma Not Horus
Who was the famous leader that fought for Indian independence? Mohandas Ghandhi
True or False...The worm was actually smashed in pieces to make silk? False
Which child holds all the power in the Chinese Family? Oldest Male
True or False...China has the largest population in the world? True
True or False...Most of China's population is located in on the western side of the country? False
True or False...Pagodas are still a common form of architecture in East Asia today? True
True or False...Dragons are real? False
Created by: ellist