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Laboratory Tests, Departments and Tube

Laboratory TestDepartment and Tube
BMP- basic metabolic panel Chemistry, SST *Note - A desiganted number of tests covering certain body systems. Fasting 8-12 hours is required.
PT- Prothrombin Time Coagulation, (completely filled)Light blue *Note* Clotting factor deficiency, monitoring warfarin therapy
Hct- Hematocrit Hematology, Lavender *Note* Anemia
Diff- Differential Hematology, Blood smear stained with wright's stain *Note* classifying types of leukocytes, describing erythrocytes, and estimation of platelets
Nitrites Urinalysis, Cup
ANA- Antinuclear antibodies serology/immunology, SST *Note* Systemic lupus, connective tissue disease
Specific Gravity Urinalysis, cup
ALT - Alanine transferase Chemistry, SST *Note* Evaluate hepatic disease
D-Dimer - D-D1 Coagulation, completely filled Light Blue *Note* Seperated and frozen,DIC and thrombotic episodes such as pulmonary emboli
Triglycerides Chemistry, SST *Note* Fasting 12-14 hours (water only) Used to evaluate risk of coronary heart disease
Blood Culture Microbiology, bottles (anaerobic- without air)(aerobic- with air) *Note* Isolate and identify potentially pathogenic organisms causing bactermia or septicemia
EBV - Epstein-Barr Virus panel Serology/Immunology, SST *Note* Mononucleosis
Type and RH Blood Bank, Red
Gram stain Microbiology, Slide
DAT- Direct Antiglobulin test Hematology, Dedicated Lavender top *Note* Special ID procedure Detects antibodies attached to the patient's red blood cells
CK - Creatine Kinase Chemistry, SST *Note* Muscular dystrophy and trauma to skeletal muscle
Bilirubin Chemistry, SST *Note* seperate within 45mins, wrap in foil to protect from light, refrigerate. Jaundice
Plt ct - platelet count Hematology, Lavender *Note* Bleeding disorders
Glucose Chemistry, Grey *Note* Diabetes, hypoglycemia
RBC - Red blood cell count Hematology, Lavender *Note* Anemia
Hgb - Hemoglobin Hematology, Lavender *Note* Anemia
FDP - Fibrin Degredation Product Coagulation, Completely filled light blue top, *Note*investigate suspect bleeding disorders
ABG - Arterial Blood Gases Chemistry
CBC - Complete Blood Count Hematology, Lavender *Note* Blood diseases
CEA- Carcinoembryonic antigen Chemistry, SST *Note* Liver disease
RPR - Rapid plasmin reagin Serology/Immunology, SST *syphilis*
PKU - phenylketonuira metabolic test sent to the state, newborn screen.
ASO -antistreptolysin o test Serology/Immunology
DIC panel- Dissemenated intravascular coagulation panel Coagulation, Completely filled light blue top
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