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World History E.O. 4

Who is the Russian czar who freed the serfs? Alexander II
Who is the Italian nationalist who helped to unify Italy? Giuseppe Garibaldi
Who was the Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary? Francis Joseph
What did some people demand after the Dreyfus affair? Jewish state
Which country became the first to ban the slave trade in 1807? Britain
What did Germany have that contributed to its growth as an industrial power? Iron
Otto von Bismarck was responsible for what? Unification of Germany
What was the goal of the Zionist movement? Establishment of a Jewish state
What contributed most to the growth of nationalist movements in the Balkans? Decline of the Ottoman Empire
During the 1800s, the Liberal and Conservative parties in Britain both work towards what? Extend the right to vote
Who won the Franco-Prussian War? Prussia
In the early 1800s, Parliament represented primarily the interests of what group? Wealthy Landowners
What does Kulturkampf mean? Battle for Civilization
What type of differences did Italy have that made it difficult to unite? Regional
Who was the German ruler whose foreign policy was aimed at acquiring an overseas empire? William II
What is the German term for "Empire"? Reich
What is the German term for "Prime Minister"? Chancellor
What is the French term for "Prime Minister"? Premier
What is the term that means realistic policies based on the needs of the state? Realpolitik
What group generally supported nationalist goals? Ethnic groups
What event was the spark that set off widespread revolt in Latin America? Napoleon's invasion of Spain
What group dominated social and political life in Latin America? Peninsulares
The restoration of power to royal families was a goal of what ideology in the 1800s? Conservative
What caused a period of unrest in Europe after 1815? Opposing ideologies
The establishment of a homeland for people with a common heritage was a goal of what ideology in the 1800s? Nationalism
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