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Veterinary Osteopath

VETERINARY-Tumors and tumor-like lesions of bones

Most bone tumors in dogs are malignant. True of False? True
What is the most common and important bone tumor of dogs and cats? Osteosarcoma
Where do osteosarcomas usually occur? Predilection sites are proxmimal humerus, distal radius, distal femur, and proximal tibia (also at sites of chronic irritation like metal implants)
What is the likely behavior of a canine osteosarcoma? Highly malignant, metastasis to lungs, survival 14-19 weeks
Osteosarcomas are 80% of primary bone tumors in dogs. True or False? True
Chondrosarcomas are only 10% of canine bone tumors in medium to large breeds. True or False? True
What bones to chondrosarcomas usually occur in? Generally involves flat bones,(ribs, pelvis, nasal turbinates)
What is a benign tumor that only enlarges until the skeleton matures? Osteochondroma
Osteochondromas have a cap of hyaline cartilage, the marrow cavity of the mass is continuous with that of the underlying bone. True or False? True
This is a tumor that adheres firmly to the surface of maxillary bone and is locally invasive. Maxillary fibrosarcoma
What are characteristics of a plasma cell myeloma? Lytic lesions in bone marrow, hyperproteinemia
Osteosarcomas can be found in mammary tissue. True or False? True
Squamous cell carcinomas invade bone. True or False? True
Name 2 malignant tumors of joints. Synovial sarcoma and histiocytic sarcoma
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