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Veterinary Osteopath

VETERINARY-Metabolic bone diseases

Metabolic bone disease is also referred to as... ...osteodystrophies
Name the 3 categories of metabolic bone disease 1)Rickets/osteomalacia 2)Fibrous osteodystrophy 3)Osteoporosis
What might be the first indication an animal has osteoporosis? Spontaneous fracture
Corticosteroids, GI parasitism, inflammatory bowel disease, and disuse can all be possible causes of osteoporosis. True of False? True
Copper deficiency can cause osteoporosis. True of False? True
How does GI parasitism cause osteoporosis? Some nematodes may induce phosphorus deficiency or reduce the availability of protein + energy for bone production
Inflammatory bowel disease in dogs causes osteoporosis by decreasing the absorption of Ca +/- vitamin D from the gut. True of False This is a possibility because the true mechanism by which this occurs is not yet fully understood
How do corticosteroids cause osteoporosis? Corticosteroids inhibit osteoblast differentiation and collagen synthesis
Describe the 4 main pathological points of osteoporosis. 1) Bones retain normal shape 2) Trabecular bone depleted first 3) Lesions often most prominent in bones consisting predominantly of cancellous bone (vertebrae) 4) Thin cortices in advanced stages
Osteomalacia occurs in young animals whereas rickets usually occurs in older animals. True of False? False-Rickets usually occurs in younger animals with open physes and osteomalacia is more common in older animals
Describe the pathogenesis of rickets/osteomalacia Defective mineralisation of physeal cartilage at sites of endochondral ossification and of newly formed osteoid
Rickets/osteomalacia are caused from a deficiency of vitamin D +/- phosphorus. True or False True
Describe the gross pathology of rickets 1) Irregular thickening of rapidly growing physes 2) Similar lesions beneath articular cartilage in some cases 3) Enlarged costochondral junctions "rachitic rosary"
What developmental joint disease could be mistaken for rickets/osteomalacia? Osteochondrosis
Describe the gross pathology of osteomalacia 1)Lesions are largely confined to cortical bone 2) Pathological fractures common in advanced cases
What is the metabolic bone disease characterised by extensive bone resorption and replacement with fibrous tissue and immature (woven) bone? Fibrous osteodystrophy
Fibrous osteodystrophy is usually caused by either primary or secondary hyperparathyroidism. True or False? True-although primary hyperparathyroidism is rare in dogs
Name the 2 categories of secondary hyperparathyroidism 1) Renal 2) Nutritional
Describe the pathology of fibrous osteodystrophy 1)Prolonged bone resorption + replacement fibrosis leads to swelling + weakening of affected bones 2) Skull bones may be swollen 3) Subchondral bone in major limb joints may collapse 4)Physes are of normal thickness (unlike rickets + osteochondrosis)
Fibrous osteodystrophy can cause 'rubber jaw' in dogs. True or False? True
Created by: vincentsvet