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Why did Pharaoh in Egypt decide to make the Jews slaves? The Israelits became numerous
What did the Pharaoh want to do to the Israelite babies? Kill every baby boy
Who found baby Moses? Pharaohs daughter
When Moses was tending the flocks, what amazing thing did he see? a burning bush
Who was speaking to Moses? God
What did God tell Moses to do with his staff? to throw it on the ground
What was God trying to show Moses? That he was the LORD God
When Moses asked Pharaoh to let the people go,what did Pharaoh say? No
What was the first plague? The plague of blood
Whose bones did Moses carry out of Egypt? Joseph's
What led Israel on their journey during the day? pillar of cloud
What did Israel on their journey during the night? pillar of fire
How did Pharaoh respond after Israel left Egypt? What have we done?We have let the Israelites go and have lost their services
How did God save Israel from the Egyptian army? Go made Moses part the water with his staff and then closed them
What happened to Pharaoh's army? They drowned then they died
What did God provide for Israel to eat in the wilderness? Manna and Quail
Where did Moses go to receive the law? Mount Sinai
Who gave Moses the commandments? God
How many commandments were there? 10
Why did Israel get impatient with Moses? because Moses was so far from coming down the mountain
What did Aaron tell the people to do? To take their jewelry off
What did they make? a golden calf
How did Moses react? He was angry,angry that he broke the ten commandments
Why did Moses return to the top of the mountain again? to get the ten commandment back form God
What did GOd tell the Israelites to build? a tabernacle
Why did He want them to build this? So they can worship God
Did God give specific instructions for the building of the tabernacle? yes
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