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Key Medical Terms 2

abdominocentesis Surgical puncture of the abdominal cavity to remove fluid for diagnostic purposes.
acronym a word formed from the initial letter or letters of the major parts of the compound term.
appendectomy the surgical removal of the appendix.
appendicitis inflammation of the appendix.
arteriogram the record produced by arteriography
arteriosclerosis abnormal hardening of the walls of an artery or arteries
arthralgia pain in a joint or joints
atheroma fatty deposit within the wall of an artery
cardiac pertaining to the heart
colostomy surgical creation of an opening between the colon and the body surface
diagnosis the identification of the disease.
diarrhea abnormal frequency of loose or watery stools
edema excess fluid in body tissues, causing swelling.
endoscopy the visual examination of the interior of a body cavity with the use of an endoscope.
endarterial means pertaining to the interior or lining of an artery.
eponym a disease, structure, operation or procedure named for the person who discovered it first.
erythrocytes red blood cells, are mature red blood cells
gastralgia pain in the stomach
gastroenteritis an inflammation of the stomach and intestines, especially the small intestine
gastrosis means any disease of the stomach
gerontologist a specialist in diagnosing and treating diseases, disorders, and problems associated with aging
hemorrhage the loss of a large amount of blood in a short time
hepatomegaly abnormal enlargement of the liver.
hypertension consistent abnormally elevated blood pressure levels.
Hypotension lower than normal blood pressure
ileum is a part of the small intestine.
ilium is a part of the hipbone.
infection is the invasion of the body by a pathogenic (disease-producing) organism.
inflammation is a localized response to an injury or destruction of tissues.
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