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endocrine system n


Functions of Endocrine system *produce hormones.
Hormones chemical messenger with a specialized function
Major Glands *Pituitary gland (two lobes) *Thyroid gland *four parathyroid glands *Two adrenal glands *Pancreas *Thymus *Pineal gland Two Gonads (ovaries or testes)
Endocrinologist MD that diagnoses and treats problems related to the glands in the endocrine system
Diabetes Insipidus producing too little antidiuretic hormone (ADH) or kidney's inability to respond to ADH. Bothe result in too much fluid being lost from the body. Symptoms are polydipsia (thirsty) and polyuria
Acromegaly Enlargement caused by extremities excessive secretion of growth hormone after puberty.
Giantism Abnormal overgrowth of the body caused by excessive secretion of growth hormone before puberty.
hypothyroidism deficiency of thyroid hormone secretion; symptoms may include fatigue, depression, sensitivity to cold, and decreased metabollic rate.
Cretinism Hypothyroidism in infancy or childhood leading to lack of normal physical and mental growth
Myxedema Severe hypothyroidism in adults; symptoms include enlarged tongue and puffiness of the hands and face.
Hyerthyroidism excessive thyroid hormones in the blood; symptoms include, Increased metabolic rate, increased sweating, nervousness, and weight loss
Graves Disease Autoimmune disorder that causes hyperthyroidism, goiter and Exopthalmos
Goiter Abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland that produces swelling in the front of the neck
Exopthalmos Abnormal protrusion of the eyes
Hypoparathyroidism insufficient or absent secretion from the parathyroid gland; symptoms are, hypocalcemia, and tetany. (periodic muscle spams and tremors)
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