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8B C15 Religion

Church History C15

Identify three results of the Congress of Vienna. 1. Redrew the map of Europe. 2. Reestablished Church authority in the Papal States. 3. Divided the rule of Italy between the Hapsburgs and Bourbons.
Where was Napoleon defeated after his March 1815 return to France? Waterloo, Belgium
Who called for the First Vatican Council? Pope Pius IX
Who is responsible for unifying Germany? Otto von Bismarck
Who became known as the "prisoner of the Vatican?" Pope Pius IX
What was Kulturkampf? A program organized by Bismarck to persecute Catholics in Germany.
What does the word Kulturkampf mean? Conflict of cultures
Define papal infallibility. The divine guarantee that the pope's official statements of doctrine regarding faith and morals are free from error.
Who was Karl Marx? German philosopher who taught that religion gave people an illusion of an unreal world, in turn dulling their senses. He also laid the foundation for the socialist movement.
Who wrote the encylical Rerum Novarum? Pope Leo XIII
What issue did Rerum Novarum address? Workers' rights
Identify the reforms made by Pope Pius X in the Catholic Church. 1. Children should receive their First Communion as soon as they are old enough to understand the true presence of Christ. 2. People should frequently receive the Eucharist (daily). 3. Supported the revival of the Gregorian chant.
What was the Center Party? Organization that countered political opression in Germany.
What was the Catholic Association? Organization that worked for civil rights of Catholics in England and Ireland.
What is the Society of St. Vincent de Paul? Organization that allows the lay people to help the poor.
Who are the two founders of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul? Antoine Frederic Ozanam and Sister Rosalie Rendu
What organization(s) did John Bosco establish? Society of Saint Frances de Sales and the Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians
Who founded the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus? Frances Xavier Cabrini
Who founded the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament Katharine Drexel
Who was John England? He served as bishop of Charleston and started the first Catholic newspaper in the United States.
How many Catholics lived in the U.S. by 1850? Two million.
Identify measures that anti-Catholic groups used to lash out at Catholics in the U.S. Looted and burned convents,seminaries, Catholic homes, and Churches; led riots; killed Catholics who tried to protect their homes adn churches.
What was the "Know-Nothing" party? A secret political party that was anti-Catholic
Who was Alfred Smith? The first Catholic to receive the nomination of a major political party (Democrat)for U.S. president.
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