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Political Geography Study Guide

4 Pillars of statehood
States a politically organized territory with a permanent population, a defined territory, and a government- to be a state an entity must be recognized as such by other states
Nations culturally defined group of people with a sharedpast and a common future who relate to a territory and have political goals- a nation is identified by its own membership
Nation-State a politically organized area in which nation and state occupy the same space
Stateless Nation nations that do not have states ex. Paleestinians live in Israel, and Kurds whok live in an area called Kurdistan
Centripetal forces force within the state tha unifys the people ex. economy, war(external threat), culture, strong leadership, education
Centrifugal forces forces within the state that divide it ex. leadership, ethnicitys, religion, language, economics(rich and poor), physcial gegoraphy differences(like a mountain)
Types of boundaries
5 types of territorial morphologies
Colonialism the imparrial powers exercises ruthless control over their domains and organized them for maximum economic exploration
Electoral geography
Majority-minority districts
Devolution when a central government gives some power to a regional or ethnic group ex. the Welsh in the U.K. (map pg. 238)
Examples(from map in text) of devolution in Europe
Truman Proclamation
Medium-line principle
Territorial Seas
UNCLOS 1,2,3
Landlocked States
Superanationalism an entity composed of 3 or more states that forge an association and form and administrative structure for mutual benefit and goals ex. United Nations
Examples of supranationalism
Define, delimit, demarcation of boundaries
Forwarde capital
Unitary State
Federal State
Unitary and Federal States
Organic Theory
Forward Capitals
Heartland Theory Who rules East Europe commands the heartland Who rules teh Heartland commands the world island Who rules the world island commands the world
Nation,States, and Nation-States
Rimland Theory
International snactions
Types of boundary disputes
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement-tarifs on inports and exports
Berlin Conference
Peace of Westphalia Europe(France, England) ended 30 year wat in 1648
Created by: NGohman
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