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Unit 1-4 AR

Medical Manager

medicare health protection for the elderly and disabled population
99213 procedure code
ICD-9 universal coding system recognized by insurers
password code for secure software access
HMO pay-in-advance health care instead of traditional insurance
guarantor party responsible for paying the medical account
dependent individual covered by another's insurance
insurance plan sometimes called carrier or claim center
insured party person covered by insurance
overbooking scheduling more than one patient in a time slot
encounter form printed device used for communicating treatment
medicaid health protection for the poor
541.2 sample diagnosis code
default built-in, automatic response
backup copy files backed up on a daily basis to ensure patient data is not lost
default automatic response when enter is pressed. speeds up data entry.
basic insurance coverage covers hospital, physcian, lab, x-ray and surgical fee's
major medical coverage hospital coverage only, does not cover outpatient services
CPT-4 codes that describe service/procedure
ICD-9 diagnostic codes
T/F - the first step in the flow of information in a medical office is when the patient calls to schedule an appointment T
T/F - after logging into the medical manager software, press ENTER to accept the system's preformatted date T
T/F - care-caid is the term used when Medicare forwards the unpaid portion of the bill to medicaid F
T/F - the term superbill is synonym for encounter form T
T/F - editing an account is performed in menu 1 of the medical manager F
T/F - to save information in the medical manager software, the PROCESS function can be used by clicking the green checkmark on the toolbar or by pressing the F1 key T
T/F - the POS (place of service) code indicates the address of the insurance company F
T/F - the insurance plan to be billed first is called the principal insurance F
T/F - the user will key in C to change data while editing an account F
T/F - with managed care plans, physicians are reimbursed by a payment method called capitation T
T/F - the patient is the insured for the workers' compensation claims F
T/F - changing a dependent's date of birth is performed in the edit ailment screen F
T/F - there is space for five diagnosis codes on the procedure entry screen F
T/F - the insured party record uniquely identifies the insured party associated with a given account T
T/F - adding dependents to an existing account will change the guarantor's account F
T/F - when printing a report, the option (C) represents computer F
T/F - menu 2 is considered the main menu in the medical manager software program F
T/F - the guarantor is financially responsible for the patient's account T
T/F - the centers for medicare and medicaid services extened the NPI implementation deadline until May 23, 2007 F
T/F - procedure entry list is located menu 2 in the medical manager F
the _______ screen gives information about an illness ailment detail
the user cannot change information once the __________ has been accepted final daily close
procedure activities can be deleted in the ___________ screen edit activity records
to make a change on the guarantor information scree, the user selects: (M)odify
patients attached to the guarantor's account are called: dependents
the acronym PHI stands for: protected health information
pressing the ENTER key in the medical manager will automatically fill in data fields; this is known as: auto populate
comprehensive insurance combines: basic and major medical
all of the following are governmental plans EXCEPT: workers' compensation
moving quickly between menus is called: direct chaining
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