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Dr.Chung NT

Second lecture exam

Author of Romans? Paul
Pauls method of writing Logical method of presenting the truth
Time of writing Spring of 57 or 58 ad
Did many Jews live in Rome? Yes
Was Romans written later than 2 Corinthians? Yes
Is there mention of rome in peters own writings? No
Purpose and message of Romans Moral destitution of gentile nations Universal need for salvation Justification attained by faith in Christ
Law of Moses was given to..... Reveal sin, through knowledge of that fact they need a savior
Acts 15 Concil of jeruslemm dissucess whither Gentiles should be included
People were first called what in acts? Christian
What is their own system of righteousness the Jews developed Human traditions
Arminians Can reject Christ and lose salvation
Calvinism Believes in predestination, god chooses who gets into heaven, can not lose salvation
The great commission Go out and tell gods word
Apostasy One person gave up their faith, in galations
Waa it gods will that the Gentiles received mercy and grace Yes
Gentile acceptance caused a what of fleashy israel Hardening
What are important in the NT Mountains
What book is pseudographical? 1 Peter
Important story in John The elder to the lady elect and her children
Revelation can be read four different ways Historically, Idealistically, Futurestically, and Preteristically.
Gematria the practice of giving numbers to objects
666 the number givin to the beast
what could germatria and 666 also mean? nero ceaser
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