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sick and illness

Medical wards and more in a modern hospital

obstetric relating to pregnancy and giving birth to babies san khoa
gynecology relating to women's illness, especially those connected with sexual reproduction phu khoa
psychiatric relating to mental illness tam than
ear-nose-throat tai mui hong
pediatric relating to children's illness - nhi khoa
orthopedic relating to bone which has not grown correctly or has been damaged khoa xuong khop
cardiology relating to condition of heart tim mach
hematology relating to blood and the body tissues which make it huyet hoc
electrocardiogram dien tam do
digestive disorder roi loan tieu hoa
hospital attendant ho ly - orderly
anesthetic a substance that makes you unable to feel pain gay te
malaria causes fever and shivering caused by a bite of some types of mosquito sot xuat huyet
critical care cham soc db
intensive care cham soc db
pathology scientific studies of diseases benh ly, benh hoc
cure sb or sth that makes person or animal healthy again after illness phuong thuoc, nguoi dieu tri, dieu tri
plaster cast khuon bo bot
crutch cai nang
uneven teeth rang k deu
fatality a death resulting from an accident or a disaster - chet vi tai nan hoac thien tai
minor injury bi thuong nhe
cut and crush tray xuot va bam
compound fracture gay xuong ho
patella xuong banh che
interpretation phien dich
torso than minh
trachea windpine - khi quan
small (large) intestine separate nutrition from food - ruot non (gia)
gall bladder a small bag that secrete bile - tui mat
kidney stone soi than
adsorb hap thu
bladder bang quang
to urinate to make water - to pee - tieu
appendix ruot thua
have appendix removed mo ruot thua
I didn't make it up toi k bia ra no
Created by: quangtien0786