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HSRC 1112

Mental Illness, aging effects

List the Common Physiological changes of aging. Decreased ability to bite and chew due to tooth loss and dentures, difficulty swallowing due to decreased saliva and increased gag reflex, decreased sense of smell due to blocked receptors, - sense of taste - less taste buds, Energy loss, muscle loss,
Hearing Changes: technical Name, effects. Presbycusis. Age related deterioration, can't hear high pitched sounds, difficulty understanding people speaking, feel embarassed, scared, frustrated, may pretend they can hear, hearing aids can hurt (high noises).
How to communicate w/someone with presbycusis. Get their attention, face them, maintain eye contact, make sure they understand, reduce background noise, use body language
Vision Changes: technical term, effects. Presbyopia. Natural degeneration of the eye, shapes appear fuzzy, distorted, more affected by glare, colours green, violet, blues harder to distinguish
How to communicate with someone with presbyopia. Make sure their glasses are clean, don't have light behind you (window), Describe new situations, use shape descriptions not colours.
Created by: kellyann