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SS- Dec __ Test


Founder of Hinduism Developed out of Brahminism
What is reincarnation? A belief that the soul is eternal and lives many lifetimes,in one body after another. (rebirth)
What is Karma? A person's actions,words,deeds,annd behaviors
Hinduism is the ____ largest religion in the world. 3rd
Why do Hindus have so many gods? Because they are polytheistic and they all represent different forms of Brahmam
The word puja means? Worship
Where do most Hindus worship? What is the sacred say and time for Hindus? At home
True or False- Hinduism is the world's largest religion? True
The main symbol for Hinduism is the? What does this symbol mean? The Aum,sound heard in deepest meditation and is said to be the name most suited for God
What is a Mandir? It is the Hindu building for comunal worship
Hindus believe that what you ___ is more important than what you _______. Do,Believe
Define moksha.Explain what happens until people reach moksha. The release of the soul from the cycle of re birth. Becoming 1 with Brahman.
List 3 ways that Hinduism differs from other faiths. No founder,Polytheistic,and no profits.
The most important Hindu god is ______. All other gods are different forms of _______. Brahma and Brahma
The god that created the universe is? Brahma
The god that preserves the universe is? Vishnu
The god that destroys evil is? Shiva
Alothough there is no sacred book, the most important book to Hindus is the? Vedas
What percent of people in India are Hindu? 80 percent
The 3 main practices of Hindus are? Worship,cremantation,and following the rules of the cast system
One holy place for Hindus is the? Ganges River
During worship or puja, Hindus offer? Water,fruit,flowers,and incense to the gods
What is the caste system? Social classes of people that are determined by birth
What is one similarity between Hinduism and Islam? They both make pilgrimiges
Approximately how many years ago waas India originated? 4,000 years
True or False-Everything goes in cycles? True
What is the goal for people? Unity with Brahaman-state of bliss without pain
Water is used in all ____? Rituals
What type of animal is sacred? Cows
Created by: Avery Lamb
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