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Ancient Indus QUIZ

Ancient India QUIZ Study Materials

Because of its geography, India was limited in contact with the rest of the world.
The people of India depend on the summer monsoon to provide seasonal rain.
When the Aryan and Indian cultures blended, what religion resulted? Hinduism
Indus Valley people developed their own system of writing which we have not deciphered, and a system of weights and measures
Archaeologists know that Mohenjo-Daro was carefully planned because streets separated regular blocks of homes and buildings.
India’s mountains and surrounding water influenced its development by limiting contact between the subcontinent and the world.
The Indus River civilization was advanced. We know this because they had preplanned cities with indoor plumbing
One important result of the Aryan invasion of India was the introduction of a strict caste system.
What are two important rivers that start in the Himalaya Mountains? the Indus and the Ganges
When the Aryan cultures mixed with the culture of the people they conquered, Hinduism developed
Besides the Himalayas, the other mountain range north of India is called Hindu Kush.
Much information about the Indus Valley cities is unknown because we can’t read their writing
The earliest people to enter the northern Indian Subcontinent probably entered the Indus Valley through the Hindu Kush
The great barrier north of India is the Himalayas
India’s society is divided in to groups that Europeans called castes
Raised fortress inside an Indus Valley city citadel
After one life, the soul is reborn into another body reincarnation
Aryan class system in which people could rise to a higher level only through death and reincarnation caste system
a large landmass that juts out from a continent subcontinent
a strong wind that blows across East Asia at certain times of year monsoon
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