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Unit 2 Week 10 Test

The Department of Health's remit is 'to fund, direct, and support the NHS'. Which Health organisation is responsible for 'managing, monitoring, and improving local services'? Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs)
How is BMI calculated? Mass in kg over height squared in m squared
In which medical ruling of the 50s did the judge say,"a doctor is not guilty of negligence if he has acted in accordance with a practice accepted as proper by a responsible body of medical men skilled in that particular art." Bolam case, 1957
In what year did the NHS act state that the service would be "free for all who want to use it"? 1946
Approximately how long after fertilisation does the embro move into the uterus? [closest answer] 7 days
Parturition refers to the procss by which the baby is born, and occurs in 3 stages. What is the 3rd stage? Afterbirth (expulsion of placenta from uterus)
Is Staphylococcus aureus gram stain +ve or -ve? +ve
What does 'coccus' refer to? The spherical shape of the bacterium (Gr. kokkus - berry)
Which vitamin, found in eggs, cheese, milk, and liver is essential for growth, dim-light vision, and maintenance of mucous tissue? Vitamin A
Which of these is not a notifiable disease - Leptospirosis, Lyme borreliosis, tuberculosis, whooping cough? Lyme borreliosis
What was hailed in 1989 as "the most comprehensive and far-reaching reform of child law which has come before Parliament in living memory"? The Children's Act 1989
Is cystic fibrosis autosomal dominant or recessive? Autosomal recessive
What are proto-oncogenes? Genes that code for proteins that regulate cell growth and differentiation
What are increased age, early menstruation, hormone therapy, and alcohol consumption all risk factors for? Breast cancer
When is the Hib vaccine first administered? 2 months (then 3 months and 4 months)
Name a chemical that is tested for in a liver funcion test Biliruben, albumin, alanine transferase, alkaline phosphatise, (total protein)
What enzyme transcribes single stranded RNA into DNA? DNA polymerase
What disease can Lewy bodies contribute to? Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, dementia, Hallervorden-Spatz syndrome
The GMC says that you should make what your first concern? The care of your patient!!!!!
Created by: kuc