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Acr/o extremities
Aden/o gland
Adrenal/o adrenal gland
Andr/o male
Angi/o vessel (blood)
Ankyl/o crooked; bent
Arteri/o artery
Arthr/o joint
Balan/o glans penis
Blast/o immature
Blephar/o eyelid
Bronch/o bronchial tube
Cancer/o cancerous
Cardi/o heart
Cephal/o head
Cheil/o lip
Chol/e bile; gall
Cholangi/o bile vessel
Chondr/o cartilage
Col/o colon (large)
Colp/o vagina
Cor/o pupil
Cost/o rib
Crin/o secrete
Crypt/o hidden
Cyan/o blue
Cyst/o urinary bladder
Cyt/o cell
Dacry/o tear
Derm/o, dermat/o skin
Dextr/o both; sugar
Dips/o thirst
Dors/o back (of body)
Ech/o reflected sound
Enter/o intestines (small)
Erythr/o red
Esophag/o esophagus
Esthesi/o nervous sensation
Galact/o milk
Gloss/o tongue
Hem/o, hemat/o blood
Hepat/o liver
Hidr/o sweat
Hydr/o water
Hyster/o uterus
Gangli/o ganglion
Gastr/o stomach
Glauc/o gray
Glyc/o glucose; sugar
Irid/o iris
Kary/o nucleus
Kinesi/o movement
Laryng/o larynx
Later/o side
Lept/o thin, slender
Leuk/o white
Lith/o stone
Lymph/o lymph
Mast/o breast
Melan/o black
Men/o menses
Metr/o uterus
Myc/o fungus
My/o muscle
Myel/o spinal cord; bone marrow
Myring/o tympanic membrane
Nephr/o kidney
Neur/o nerve
Onych/o nail
Oophor/o ovary
Opthalm/o eye
Orchid/o testis
Oste/o bone
Ot/o ear
Pharyng/o throat
Phleb/o vein
Phon/o voice; sound
Pneum/o, pneumon/o lung; air; gas
Presby/o old age
Proct/o anus and rectum
Prostat/o prostate gland
Rachi/o spinal column
Retin/o retina
Rhabdomy/o striated (skeletal) muscle
Rhin/o nose
Salping/o fallopian tube
Sacr/o flesh
Scler/o sclera
Seb/o sebum
Sider/o iron
Sinister/o left
Somat/o body
Splen/o spleen
Stern/o sternum (breast bone)
Stomat/o mouth
Tax/o order
Tend/o tendon
Thromb/o clot
Thry/o thyroid gland
Tox/o poison
Trache/o trachear (wind pipe)
Trich/o hair
Tympan/o tympanic membrane
Urther/o urethra
Ven/o vein
Xanth/o yellow
Created by: ahiltz