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HHS Blood, Lymph, an

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures

Serology Laboratory test to detect the presence of antibodies, antigens, or immune substance
Titer Blood test that measures the amount of anitbodies in blood; commonly used as an indicator of immune status
Blood Culture Test to determine the presence of pathogens in the bloodstream
Complete Blood Count (CBC) Series of tests that include hemoglobin; hematocrit; RBC, WBC, and platelet counts; differential WBC;
Differential Count (Diff) Test that enumerates the distribution of WBC’s in a stained blood smear by counting the different kinds of WBC’s and reporting each as a % of the total examined
Hemoglobin (Hgb) value Measurement of the amount of hemoglobin found in a whole blood sample
Hematocrit (Hct) Measurement of the percentage of RBCs in a whole blood sample
Partial thromboplastin time (PTT) Test that measures the length of time it takes blood to clot, screens deficiencies of clotting factors and effectiveness of anticoagulation therapy
Prothrombin time (PT) Test that measures the time it takes for the plasma portion of blood to clot. It is used to evaluate portions of the coagulation system
Lymphadenography Radiographic examination of lymph nodes after injection of a contrast medium
Lymphangiectomy Removal of a lymph vessel
Transfusion Infusion of blood or blood components into the bloodstream
Autologous Transfusion recipient’s own blood
Homologous Transfusion Donors blood
Transplantation Grafting of living tissue from its normal position to another site or from one person to another