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FINAL Abbreviations

ACTH adrenocorticotropic hormone
CABG coronary artery bypass graft
CHF congestive heart failure
CPK creatine phosphokinase
CT computerized tomography, or cytotechnologist
CVA cerebrovascular accident
D&C dilation and curettage
FOBT fecal occult blood test
FSH follicle-stimulating hormone
GYN gynecology
HDN hemolytic disease of the newborn
HTN hypertension
I&D incision and drainage
IBS irritable bowel syndrome
IDDM insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
IU international unit
IUD intrauterine device
MI myocardial infarction, mitral insufficiency
MM malignant melanoma
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
MS mitral stenosis, multiple sclerosis, musculoskeletal
Na+ sodium
N&V nausea and vomiting
NG nasogastric (tube)
non rep do not repeat
NPO nothing by mouth
OB obstetrics
OS left eye
OU each eye
PAP Papanicolaou test, pulmonary arterial pressure
pc after meals
PET positron emission tomography
ROM range of motion
SCI spinal cord injury
TIA transient ischemic attack
TSH thyroid-stimulating hormone
UGI upper gastrointestinal series
ung ointment
US ultrasound
po by mouth
bid twice a day
URI upper respiratory infection
OD overdose
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