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AP World History

Valhalla High School Bentley AP World Ch. 14

TermDefinitionSignificanceUnitTimeChapter BentleyRegion
Mamluk Purchased as slaves during Abbasid Caliphate Eventually grew more powerful than weakened Abbasid caliphate and set up their own independent sultantes 2 850CE Bulliet 3rd p. 205 (not discussed in Bentley) Central Asia, Perisa Iraq
Caliph Means successor, deputy, Islamic leader after the death of Muhammad. Lieutenant, not prophet who led, the umma, believers. could lose political power if lacking military or political strength. heated disputes over rightful successor to Muhamad led to major split between two sects of Islam Sunni and Shiite 2 700CE-20th century Ch. 14 p.353 Middle East;Arabia ++
Islam Means submission to the will of God This is the core of Islamic beliefs, and nothing can trump it. 2 700-21st Ch. 14 Middle East
Hijra Literally Migration-Muhammad's move to Medina because his criticism of idolatry in Mecca also threatened economic interests in that city In Medina came to led a group of people in exile; tended not only to spiritual, but practical affairs. Community he came to lead was the Umma- the faithful-he led them militarily, helped them economically by raids on caravans from Mecca, helped poor 2 622C 14 Middle East Arabian Peninsula
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