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Top 200

Brands, Generics, and Category

acetaminophen tylenol analgesic
acetaminophen-codeine phenaphen with codeine, tylenol with codeine analgesic
acyclovir zovirax systemic antifungal
albuterol proventil, ventolin hfa, pro air hfa bronchodilator
alendronate fosomax bone resorption inhibitor
alfuzosin uroxatral alpha blocker
allopruinol zyloprim antigout agent
amitriptyline elavil antidepressant
amlodipine norvasc antihypertensive
amlodipine-benazepril lotrel antihypertensive
amodipine-atoravastatin caduet antihypertensive-statin
amoxicillin-clavulantate augmentin systemic antibacterial
amoxicillin amoxil,trimox systemic antibacterial
aripiprazole abilify antipsychotic
asprin-dipyridamole aggrenox stroke prevention agent
atenolol tenormin antihypertensive
atenolol-hydrochlorothizide tenorectic beta-blocker-diuretic
atomoxetine strattera adhd therapy agent
atorvastatin lipitor antihyperlipidemic
azithromycin zithromax systemic antibacterial
benazepril lotensin antihypertensive
benazapril-hydrochlorothyiazide lotensin hctz antihypertensive-diuretic
bisoprolol-hydrochlorothiazide ziac beta-blocker-diuretic
brimonidine alphagan p antiglaucoma agent
budesonide entocort ec, pulmicort repules, pulmicort turbuhaler, rhinocort antiasthmatic
bupropion wellburtin, zyban antidepressant,smoking cessation adjunct
buspirone buspar antianxiety
calcitonin-salmon miacalcin bone resorptioninhibitor
candesartan atacand antihypertensive
carisoprodol soma skeletal muscle relaxant
carvedilol coreg antihypertensive
cefdinir omnicef systemic antibacterial
cefprozil cefzil systemic antibacterial
celecoxib celebrex analgesic,antiheumatic nsaid
cephalexin keflex systemic antibacterial
cetirizine zyrtec antihistaminic,h1 receptor
cetirizine-pseudoephedrine zyrtec-d antihistaminic,h1 receptor-decongestant
ciprofloxacin occuflox,ciprodex,ciloxan ophthalmic antibacterial
citalopram celexa antidepressant
ciprofloxacin cipro systemic antibacterial
clarithromycin biaxin systemic antibacterial,antimycobacterial
clidamycin cleocin antibiotic
clonazepam klonopin anticonvulsant
clonidine ctapres antihypertensive
clopidogrel plavix antithrombotic,platelet aggregation inhibitor
clotimazole-betamethasone lotrisone antifungal,corticosteroid
conjugated estrogen premarin, enjuvia, cenestin antineoplaxtic,systemic estrogen,osteoprosis prophylactic,ovarian horomone therapy agent
conjugated estrogen-medroxyprogesterone prempro estrogen-progestin, osteoporosis prophlactic,ovarian horomone therapy agent
cyclobenzaprine flexeril skeletal muscle relaxant
desloratadine clarinex antihistiminic,h1 receptor
dextroamphetamine-amphetamine adderall cns stimulant,adhd therapy
diazepam valium amnestic,antianxiety agent,anticonvulsant,antipanic agent,antitremor agent,seative-hypnotic,skeletal muscle relaxant adjunct
diclofenac-misoprostol arthrotec nsaid
digoxin lanoxicaps antiarrhythmic
digoxin lanoxin cardiotonic
diltiazem cardizem antianginal,antiarrthmic
diltiazem dilacor xr antihypertensive
divalproex depakote anticonvulsat,antimanic,migraine headache prophylactic
donepezil aricept dementia symptoms treatment adjunct
doxycycline vibramycin,oracea,adoxa,doryx systemic antibacterial,antiprotozoal
alprazolam xanax antianxiety agent,sleep agent
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