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Medical Terminology

Health Science

-itis Inflamation of
-ar, -ic, -al, -us, -ac Pertainning to
-logy Study of
-scope Instrument used for looking
-pathy disease
Gastr/o- Stomach
Cardi/o- Heart
Pulman/o- Lungs
My/o- Muscles
Osti/o- Bones
Abdomin/o- Abdomin
Rect/o- Rectum
Pancreat/o- Pancreas
-pepsia Digestion
-cele Hernia/hernation
-ectomy Excision "cut out"
-tomy Incision "cut in"
-rrhea Discharge or flow
-rragia Hemmorage bleeding
-rrhapy Suture, stitch
-rhexis Rupture, burst
Midsagittal Plane A plane that divides the body to equal left and right halves
Frontal plane A plane that divides the body in front and back
Transverse plane A plane that divides the body into upper and lower parts
Gingiv/o- Gums
Lip/o- Fat
Dys- Difficult or painful
-plasty To repair
Esophag/o- Esophagaus
Lingu/o- Tongue
Enter/o- Intestine
-rrhea Discharge or flow
Gloss/o Tongue
-megaly Enlarged
Sigmoid/o- Colon
-scopy Process of looking
Duoden/o- Duoden
Stomat/o- Mouth
Hepat/o- Liver
Cardi/o- Heart
Angi/o- Vessels
Arteri/o- Arteries
Phleb/o- Veins
Tachy- Rapid or fast
Brady- Slow
-cyte Cell
Leuk/o- White
-grapher Person who takes the pictures
-graphy Process of taking pictures
An- Without
A- Without
Hem/o- Blood
Hemat/o Blood
-gram Picture
Electr/o- Electrical
Erythro/o- Red
Thromb/o- Clot
-emia Low count
-lysis Destruction of
Radi/o- X-ray
-logist Specialist
-genic Forming or to generate
Ech/o- Sound
Nas/o- Nose
Rhin/o- Nose
Trache/o- Trachea
Bronch/o- Bronchial tubes
Thorax/o- Thorax
Pleur/o- Pleura
Phren/o- Diaphram
Hyper- Increased
Hypo- Decreased
Pneum/o- Lungs
Pneumon/o- Lungs
Pulman/o- Lungs
Spir/o- Breathe
-phea Breathe
Laryng/o- Larynx
Pharyng/o- Pharynx
-algia Pain
-spasm Involuntary movement
ENT Ears, nose, and throat specialist
SOB Short of breathe
My/o- Muscles
Muscul/o- Muscles
Oste/o- Bones
Tendon/o- Tendons
Chondr/o- Cartilage
Arthr/o- Joints
Kinesi/o- Movement
-malacia Softening
-plasia Developement
-meter Instrument used to measure
-metry Process of measuring
Cost/o- Rib
Crani/o- Skull
Dent/o- Teeth
Pelv/i- Pelvis
-centesis Surgical puncture to draw out fluid
Peri- Around surrounding
DO Doctor of osteopathy
CPD Cephalopelvic disproportion
OREF Open reduction of external fracture
ORIF Open reduction of internal fracture
Created by: BrigitteRobayo