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quiz pharmacology


Pons Cerebrum&Medulla
Cerebellum Coordination and Balance
Cerebrum Complex thought and Moral Activities
Medulla Respiratory, Cardiac and Vasomotor
Brain Stem Medulla and Pons
bethanol urecholine
pilocarpine pilocar
tropicamide mydriacil
cyclopentolate cyclogyl
Carbidopa, Levadopa Sinemet
Benztopine cogentin
dopamine intropin
dextran Hyskon
The basic unit of the nervous system is the nerve cells or? Neuron
When the axon of 1 neuron communicates w/ the dentrites of another, the area is called? Synapse
The CNS consists of the? Brain and Spinal cord
What cushions and protects the CNS from harm? Cerebrospinal fluid and Meninges
What is a neurotransmitter? A chemical substance released from ends of axons
2 parts of the autonomic nervous system are? parasympathetic and sympathetic
Side effects of anticholinergics include increased blood pressure and blurred vision
What are adrenergics used for? Decongestion
Timoptic is a beta blocker used in the treatment of what? Glaucoma
The master gland is called what? Pituitary Gland
Pitocin is an? Oxytocic
Corticosteroids are produced by the? Adrenal gland
Tagamet and pepcid are? histamine antagonist
Which of the FF is necessary for blood clotting? Proteins
Blood is a mixture of what? Water, cells, protein and salts
Acetylcholine (ACH) Parasympathetic
Norepinephrine Sympathetic
Created by: chino