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Ch 14 Church History

Depending on God in Times of Fear 1789-1814

Family who ruled Austria Hapsburgs
Family who ruled France Bourbons
Description of rulers who followed the thinking of the Enlightenment Enlightened Monarchs
Order of priests who were viewed as a threat by Catholic monarchs Jesuits
First country to expel the Jesuits Portugal
Pope who suppressed the Jesuit order Clement XIV
French assembly made up of the clergy, nobles, and commoners Estates General
Name taken by the Third Estate on June 7, 1789 National Assembly
Motto of the French Revolution Liberty, equality, fraternity
Organization that controlled the French government when the French Republic was declared. National Convention
Period during the French Revolution (1793-1794) when tens of thousands of people suspected of being loyal to the monarch were killed Reign of Terror
Government of France between October 1795 and 1799 The Directory
Sixteen religious who became victims of the Reign of Terror Carmelite Martyrs of Compeigne
Section of central Italy governed by the pope Papal States
Pope who was taken prisoner, forced to live in Tuscany, and later Valence, France where he died. Pius VI
General who came to power in France after the Directory dissolved Napoleon
Treaty between Napoleon and Pius VII Concordat of 1801
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