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causes of female infertility anovulation, endometriosis, adhesions, tubal disease, stenotic cervix, uterine abnormalities, genetic anomalies (Turner syndrome), elevated prolactin, sperm antibodies
Turner's syndrome 45XO: one X c'some missing or has an abnormality clinical features: short stature, webbed necks, broad chest, low hairline, and low set ears gonadal dysfunction: amenorrhea and sterility
hyperprolactinemia cause of female infertility prolactin suppresses ovulation by suppressing gonadotropins
causes of male infertility varicocele, testicular disease (Klinefelter's syndrome), secondary hypogonadism, impotence (alcohol, smoking), sperm autoantibodies, infection (mumps)
varicocele abnormal enlargement of of vein in scrotum that drains the testicles and leads to improper temperature for sperm maturation main cause of male infertility
Klinefelter's syndrome 47 XXY most common sex c'some disorder in males most pronounced effects: hypogonadism and reduced fertility
mumps can lead to orchitis and sterility in teenage males or men
infertility Dx medical Hx, sexual Hx, PE, pelvic exam with pap, STD testing, wet prep, basal body temp charting, endometrial biopsy, semen analysis, hormone testing, HSG
infertility Tx timed intercourse, ovulation prediction, hormone therapy, prolactin suppression, artificial insemination, ovulation induction, Tx of endometriosis, Tx of infection, surgical therapy
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