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NT lecture2

How much time did Paul spend in Corinth? over 18 months
Paul's mission in the city of Corinth took place during his ____ missionary journey. second
Paul's mission in Corinth is recorded in what chapter of Acts 18
What is a theme listed by Paul in 1 Corinthians? Paul explains the Resurrection of Christ, Paul writes about Spiritual Gifts, and Paul addressed issues about Marriage
TRUE or FALSE or MAYBE: 1 Corinthians is actually the second letter Paul wrote to the church in Corinth TRUE: While writing 1 Corinthians, Paul addressed an earlier letter he wrote to the Corinthians
TRUE or FALSE or MAYBE: The textbook author agrees with the majority view that Paul wrote Galatians in the middle of his letters. FALSE: The textbook author disagrees with the majority view – the author agrees with the minority view that Galatians is Paul’s earliest letter
TRUE or FALSE or MAYBE: Many Jews did not believe that Gentiles had to follow Judaism after accepting Christ. FALSE: Many Jews DID believe that Gentiles had to follow Judaism after accepting Christ
In Galatians, Jews wanted the converted Gentiles to observe and practice circumcision
List 2 Themes found in Galatians: Justification By Faith and Living By The Spirit
TRUE or FALSE or MAYBE: Of the 2 theories that argue if the letter of Galatians was written for the North or South, evidence supports it was sent to the South. TRUE: Evidence backs up the theory Galatians was written to the people in SOUTH Galatia
In the Roman Republic, executive power laid in the hands of two _____ Consuls
. In 43 BC, the _____ triumvirate was formed. This triumvirate was dedicated to pursuing _____'s murderers Second/ Caesar
Tiberius, Augustus' step-son, became emperor at the age of 55
True/ False. According to the textbook, the ministry of Jesus began in AD 27 true
What does a "prayer report" enable Paul to do? Enabled him to congratulate the readers on their spiritual progress and to indicate the direction in which they should be continuing. (pg. 63)
In the smear campaign against Paul (which was an attack against the church of Thessalonica) what was Paul being accused of? Using flattery and distorting the truth simply in order to get converts, and he was motivated by greed
What is the most remarkable feature of the letter, 2 Thessalonians The way in which Paul relates how the congregation was in a state of considerable worry and anxiety because they had been led to believe that the day of the Lord had arrived
The author of Hebrew was _______. anyonamus
Most scholars today describe Hebrews as a ________. homily
The author of Hebrews spends time discussing the obscure figure in Genesis named ________. Melchizedek
Hebrews uses which Biblical figure as an example of faith? abraham
Paul intended to return from Corinth to Jerusalem, his plans were changed at the last minute. Where did he go? macedonia
After he was set free, Paul spent 18 months in what 2 places? athens and corinth
Paul intended to delay sending Timothy to Philippi, until he had a better idea of his future. What did Paul believe confidently about his future? That he would return to Philippi.
What were Paul's 3 major concerns in his Letter? Attacks on the Church -Tensions within the Church -A rival version of the Gospel
Ancient speeches were classified into 3 different types. Judicial Deliberative Epideictic
What were the three roles of the secretary according to Cicero? Recorder -Editor -Agent or Substitute Author
Who was stoicism founded by? zeno
What is the closest letter to Paul in form? 1 peter
Most NT documents are letters true
What describes a work that is wrongly or falsely attributed to the named author? Pseudonymous or Psuedepigraphical
What is the word that describes the belief that God is not distinct from his creation but is immanent within it? Pantheism
Augustus divided the provinces into _________ and ______ provinces Senatorial and Imperial
What does legati Augusti mean? Delegates of Augustus
At the time of Augustus’ death there were 30 legions. false
What was the purpose of a colony? To settle army veterans
The great majority of Roman citizens were ________. Plebeians
Slaves made up around half of Rome’s population false
What games were held every two years near Corinth Isthmian Games
Mysteries provided what three things? - Personal Initiation into the secrets and privileges of the cult - Special relationship with God - Assurance of particular benefits
What is the Greek translation of parenesis? Exhortation
The ____ is a form of speech in which the speaker debates with an imaginary questioner in order to teach his audience Diatribe
T/F: Philemon is Paul's shortest surviving letter true
Philemon is addressed to: the letter is addressed to phil and his congregation
T/F: Timothy and Titus were Paul's only letters addressed to individuals and not congregations true
What was the name of Philemon's slave? Onesimus
T/F: The Letter to Philemon is first and foremost Paul's duty to effect the reconciliation between Onesimus and Philemon. true
Did Paul effectively ask for Onesimus to join his circle at the end of the letter? yes
T/F: Timothy and Titus are known as the Pastoral Epistles. true
In what part of first Timothy is the Church and the mystery of the faith discussed 3:14-16
During what part of Paul's career were the letters written Earlier in his career
How is the first letter to Timothy similar to Titus? In taking the form of a mandate giving him a renewal of his orders for supervision of the church in Ephesus
The author of Hebrews is unique in that he calls Jesus the ________. high preist
T/F: The author of Hebrews sums up discipleship in these three phrases: "hold fast," "approach," and "move on." true
The author of Hebrews shares certain similarities with which Jewish philosopher? philo
T/F: The author of Hebrews deserted Israel as the people of God. false
The 3 possible cities listed in the book for where the readers were located are __________. Alexandria, Jerusalem, and Rome
Which Roman emperor persecuted Christians after a great fire in Rome? nero
Hebrews was most likely written in the A.D. 60's. true
T/F: The Letter of James contains no references to Jesus' Passion and Resurrection or to the Holy Spirit true
T/F: James' religious and ethical perspectives are shaped by the Jewish wisdom tradition. true
This wisdom tradition is represented by what two books of the OT (and Apocrypha)? Proverbs, Ecclesiasticus
T/F/M: The author of James is Jesus' brother maybe
T/F: Much of James' teaching is based on the wisdom and sayings of Jesus. true
James uses what title interchangeably with God? lord
The expectation of Christ's final coming and judgment is known as _______. Eschatology
T/F: James speaks positively of the law. true
1 Peter contains how many chapters 5
T/F: The author of 1 Peter is the same Peter that was Jesus' disciple. true
The intended audience of 1 Peter resided in _______. turkey
T/F: The author of 1 Peter identifies his readers as the "chosen exiles of the Dispersion." true
What theory considers the source of Ephesians? Colossians --> Ephesians B. S Source --> both Colossians and Ephesians C. Paul --> both Colossians and Ephesians
. TRUE or FALSE or MAYBE: The Book of Ephesians is written only for the church in Ephesus MAYBE: The Book of Ephesians is worded in ways that scholars debate whether it was written to just the church in Ephesus or to various churches within the region
T/F In James' letter there is no farewell true
What is James' real name? jacob
T/F: in the old and new testament, "knowing" can mean sexual intercourse. true
What is not a strategy Peter urges for living in a non-Christian environment? Build new churches
T/F It is possible that the "disciple whom Jesus loved" is not even an actual historical individual, but is an "ideal" figure. true
Who had James stoned to death during the interregnum between the departure of from Judea and the Roman governor Festus and the arrival of his successor? High priest Ananus
The theme unity of “one body of believers” found in Ephesians describes the unity between ___ and ____. Jews and Gentiles
. Paul established a church in Ephesus during his _____ missionary journey third
Who did Paul later leave in charge of the church in Ephesus? timothy
How does the author of John 2 and 3 identify himself? the elder
What drives Paul to share his belief in Christ to the country people? his deep sorrow
Who did Paul have in mind when he was writing jerusalum
What is Docetism The belief that the divine Christ could not possibly dwell in a genuinely human body. And his body only seemed to be human
What is the longest letter Paul wrote? romans
What are the four fundamental truths ? Jesus is the Christ, God is light, God is love, and God is knowledge.
What is eschatology? Expects the coming of Christ in the near future and focuses on that event as the moment of accountability for the Christian life.
What is the Christological error They deny that Jesus is the Christ they deny the Father and the Son and they do not confess Jesus, that he is the Christ come in the flesh
What is the purpose of 2 Peter To remind readers of the apostolic message which is threatened by false teachers, to defend this message against the scoffers’ criticisms; and to urge readers to live godly lives in the light of this hope.
What is the purpose of the Letter of Jude? to appeal to readers to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.
Why does Peter write vividly of the significance of the sufferings of Christ? To encourage his readers to face suffering
Identify Jude brother of James, who was Christ's brother
What is Greek word for law? nomos
Which is not a concern of Paul,in regards to the church? Building the church
where was paul imprisoned rome
What is another name for sin? Hamartia
Which one is not true about James . He is first named as a significant borrower in the Jersualem church in Acts
T/ F Flesh is the material of which human beings are made;it came to refer to their human nature in its perishabiklity, weakness and tendency to sin true
T/ F Pauline letters are written by or attributed to Paul true
T/ F I Peter often uses the general Greek word for "suffer"(pascho) twelve times more than in any other NT document. true
. Jude's letter has been called the most neglected book in the bible
Is revelation classified as apoccalyptic literature? yes
What are the two ways of living that Paul argues in his letter? Live by flesh & live by direction and power of the Spirit of God
Who was Paul more focused on in his writing? Specific groups of Jews (Pharisees) but above all opposed to view that Gentiles must keep law in order to be justified
Created by: BreezyBoo
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