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Haman ch6

Mr. Haman's class, ch.6 vocab and study guide

Jerusalem is a city that is sacred for these religions Chritstianity, Judaism, and Islam
Of the three main universalizing religions, which one has the smallest adherents Buddhism
What four religions are important in India? Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism
Over a quarter of all jews live in Israel, the rest are concentrated in urban areas of? Europe and North America
Religions can influence the cultural landscape by these ways. places of worship, burial grounds, shrines, and sacred sites
The largest concentration of protestants in the world live in? North America
What are the three main universalizing religions? Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism
What is the largest ethnic religion of the world today? Hinduism
The largest nuber of muslims reside in what country today? Indonesia
What is the largest division of Islam? Sunni
The world's oldest organized religion today is? Judaism
Judaism and Christianity have both of their origins in these countries? Jordan and Israel
What are the branches of Christianity? Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, and Roman Catholic
Roman Catholic in North America are largely concentrated in? West Coast USA, Quebec, Northeastern USA, Mexico, Southwestern USA
Europe's Roman Catholic population is largely concentrated in the southern part of the continent. This is most likely due to? it's proximety to Rome
Siddartha Guatama, the founder of Hinduism, was born in? Nepal
Which of the following can be considered the 'parent' religion to buddhism? Hinduism
How are Buddhism and Hinduism similar? Both believe in ahisma, the prinicple of non-violence
How are Buddhism and Hinduism different? Hindus have a rigid class system, Buddhists rejected the caste system
What best describes the Muslim population of the world? The largest # of Muslims is in south asia and Southeast asia
Numerically speaking, which of the Christian groups is the largest Roman Catholic
The shiite muslim population is concentrated in? Iran and part of Iraq
Islam diffused across the Eastern Hemisphere through? War, trade, missionaries, and migration
What is one of the sacred sites for christians? Church of Nativity in Bethlehem
Religiously, Turkey differs from saudi arabia in what ways? Turkey is more westernized and secular than saudi arabia
In europe, many catholics are less likely to attend church or be active in their religious community. This is due to the rise of... secularism
Ethnic religions are made up of homogeneous populations and do not seek converts
Which religions are considered ethnic religions? Hinduism and Judaism
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