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HHS Respiratory Syst

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures

Pulmonary Function Tests Multiple tests used to evaluate the ability of the lungs to take in and expel air as well as perform gas exchange across the alveolocapillary membrane
Bronchoscopy Visual examination of the bronchi using endoscope inserted through the mouth and trachea
Laryngoscopy Visual examination of the larynx to detect tumors, foreign bodies, nerve or structural injury
Sputum culture Microbial test used to identify disease-causing organisms of the lower respiratory tract
Throat culture Test used to identify pathogens, especially group Strep A
Rhinoplasty Reconstructive surgery of the nose to correct deformities or for cosmetic purposes
Tracheostomy Surgical procedure in which an opening is made in the neck and into the trachea which a breathing tube may be inserted
Oximetry monitor hemoglobin(Hb) saturated with oxygen
Thoracentesis Surgical puncture of the chest using a hollow-bore needle: removes excess fluid or air