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Eastern Religions

Abraham Founder of Jewish Religion. Led his family to Cannan by God's wishes. God promised him many children/desendants.
Moses Was raised by Pharoah's daughter. Was an Israelite. Demanded Israelites' freedom. When Pharoah's refused their freedom, God released plaques. Parted Red Sea and led them across it. Recieved Ten Commandmens on Mt. Sina.
Joshua Israelites went to Cannon again. Cannan was already occupied. People doubted God so he punished them by making them live in the wilderness for 40 years. Moses died and Joshua took over and led the people to conquer Jericho. They blew horns and the
Joshua cont. walls of Jericho fell and they eventually established Canaan.
Israelite Original Jews that were sent to Egypt and came back.
Canaan Israelites conquered Jericho and eventually established Canaan. The Holy Land.
Egypt Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt to escape slavery. Pharoah Seti ordered all Israelites to perform hard labor and all new born males to be killed.
Jacob Very powerful Egyptian. Had 12 sons but liked Joseph the best. Brothers were jealous so they sold Joseph to slavery.
Joseph Son of Jacob. Brothers sold to slavery because they were jealous. Forgave them adn they settled in Egypt. Preventd famine by interperting a dream.
Synagogue Jewish church.
Torah Series of Jewish texts written on a long scroll. Can't be touched by humans hands. Kept in a wooden shrine. First 5 books of the Hebrew Bible.
Ten Commandments Laws of Judaism, displayed in front of the synagogue. Kept in the Ark of the Covenant. Founded by Moses on top of Mt. Sinai.
Temple of Soloman The Ark kept on getting stolen by the Philistines, so they built a temple to protect it.
Dead Sea Scrolls The oldest and most famous copy of the Torah.
Menorah Many branched candlestick holder that symbolizes spiritual light and guidance.
Ner Tamid Candle symbolizing the enternal prescense and internal love of God.
Ark A wooden shrine that holds the 10 Commandments.
Yad A silver pointer that is used to read Torah.
Jesus Son of God. Taught you were saved through faith, moral and ethic beliefs and showed God's love. Descendant of King David. 12 diciples. Romans were worried that he would change the people's faith so they crucified him. Disciples reported seeing him
Jesus cont. resurected (Easter)
Muhammad Born in 570 AD at Mt. Heraa when he was 40 years old. God visited him and told him to be a messenger of God. Muhammud devoted his life to spreading Islam and urged Arabs to worship Allah the last and greatest prophet.
Arabia Middle East today. Muhammad converted people to Islam.
Angel Gabriel Led Muhammad to Jerusalem and then ascended him to heaven.
Miricles of Muhammad In 619 Muhammad experienced the famous Night Journey (Miraj). On this journey, the angel Gabriel led Muhammad to Jerusalem and tehn ascended him to heaven. On his way to heaven, he saw Abraham, Moses and Jesus.
Miricles of Muhammad cont. 2. Muhammad convinced one tribe to fill a dry well so teh people could fill their water bags.
Muhammad's Teachings 1. There was only one God (Allah). 2. All believers in God are equal. 3. The rich should share with the poor. 4. People should live righteously. 5. All people would be subjected to a judgement day.
Mecca Place where all Muslims make a pilgramige to. Where Muhammad began all his teachings.
Kabba Temple in center of Mecca with big cloth over it. Old Pagans had old monument and changed it to Islam's monument.
5 Pillars Hajj, Sawm, Zakt, Salat, Shahada
Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca) Must be done once in a lifetime. A reminder that all Muslims are equal.
Sawm (fast) Fast from sunrise to sunset during the holy month of Ramadan.
Zakt (aimsgiving) Care for others by giving charity to the poor. Must give 2.5% of all income or 1/40 of all they possess.
Salat (daily worship) Pray 5 times a day. Guided by precise set of rituals.
Shahada (profession of faith) There is only one god (Allah) and Muhammad is Allah's prophet.
Jihad A personal duty of Muslims to overcome immorality in themselves. Name for this struggle is "holy war" to defend your faith. Holy war can only be declared by whole community.
Diet Pork is forbidden to eat because it's a unhealthy animal.
Dress for Women Palms and eyes are only thing exposed. Must dress this way after puberty, women should be modest and blend in. When women pass the prospecs of marriage, they can take their outer garmets off.
Romans Tolerant of Jews but persecuted Christians. Blamed the Christians for everything. Eventually they adopted Christianity and spread it to the world. Without Romans, there Christianity wouldn't be popular.
Jerusalem Where Jesus was crucified. Holy Land for all 3 religions.
Role of Women Women couldn't be priests but they joined convents to escape society. They served as teachers and administrators. Later, the church took all women's rights away because they wanted them to accept chruch authority (didn't want them to learn).
Role of Women cont. Women worked as missionaries.
Chruch Hierarchy Medieval church became highly organized. Bad because if you had a bad pope, the rest of the church was bad as well.
Medieval Church Characeristics Differ from regular chruch beacuse: Had lots of power over emperor, owned lots of land, involved in political power, people have to pay to worship, they didn't respect women and priests administered the sacraments.
Papal Supremacy Popes had authority over all secular rulers (kings, emperors, bishops, feutal lords, etc.).
Popal State Land in Italy that the Pope owned.
Excommunication Left out of church rituals if misbehaved. Didn't recieve burials or sacraments which commended them to Hell.
Interdict When a noble misbehaves and the whole town is excluded.
Benedictine Rule Rules drawn up in 530 by Benedict, a mink regulating monastic life. The rule emphasizes obedience, poverty (poor/have nothing), chasity (pruity/no sex) and divides the day into periods of worship, work and study.
Benedictine Rule cont. Monks had to work in the fields or other labor tasks which developed new farming methods which helped improve economy.
Parish Priest Administered the sacraments (sacred rights of the chruch, led to salvation), guided people on moral issues, offened assistance to the sick, ran schools, read/preeched Bible (Bible was in Latin only)
Monastery Men who were monks lived. Lived by the Benedictine Rule. Lived in isolation from every one else. Had to be own doctors, teachers etc.
Monks Men that lived in Monastery. Lived in isolation and by the Benedictine Rule. Devoted their entire lives to spiritual goals. Looked after poor and sick and set up schools for children. Worked as farmers, missionaries and scholars
Popes Spiritual leaders who exercised secular power.
Secular Having to do with worldly, rather than religious matters; non-religious.
Qur'ran Sacred book of Islam. Muslims believe it is God's final message given to Muhammad. Teaches that God is all-powerful and compassionate. People are responsible for their own actions.
Qur'ran cont. Believe that God sent other prophets (Abraham, Moses, Jesus) but Muhammad was the last and greatest.
Allah Islam's one and only god. Muhammad devoted his life to spreading his word.
Ali The 4th Caliph. Controversy over him caused split in Church. Most people didn't want to follow him so the church split.
Sunni Mainstream traditional Muslim. 80% of all Muslims. Embrace success as Allah's work. More educated (upper class and majority)
Shi'ite Follow Ali. Majority only in Iraq. Oppressed in history. View dispossesion and humilition as honorable- like Ali (who was dishonored)
Martyr Person who dies for their faith
Current Issues Sunnis were in office, Shi'ites didn't have a say in governement. USA cam in and now Shi'ites are in office and the Sunnis are mad.
Conflict in Israel Muslims don't want Jews in Israel but Jews are majority and they are more powerful (Nuclear weapons).
Groups in Iraq Sunnis and Shi'ites
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