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WGeo Sem Review

World Geography Semester Review

What is monotheism? Belief in one god
What are the 3 main monotheistic religions of the world? Christianity, Islam, and Judiaism
Shared boundaries between Palestine and Israel over the years has caused? caused huge conflict
Is hair color a cultural trait? is NOT a cultural trait, it is genetic
How did the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims? by teaching them how to hunt, fish and farm
A culture with many immigrants would borrow ideas from another culture and each other
What did Rome invent? invented the dome
What are obligations and responsibilities of U.S. citizens? Obeying laws, voting, paying taxes, serving on a jury, and respecting the rights of others.
Cultures with strict traditions would be shocked by what? Would be shocked by the lack of respect of authority by teenagers
What type of government did the Greeks develop? Established Democracy
Why did the United States became a strong democracy/ because of the unfair treatment by Britain and wanted representation.
In an unilimited government, do citizens have freedom of speech? citizens would NOT talk bad about the government
What should U.S. citizens do to ensure their rights? they must vote, respect the rights of others and stay informed
What is a secondary source? Textbooks
When there is a shortage of oil reserves? the U.S. trades with oil rich countries
Why do we Build roads and airports, insult homes, and use sprinkler systems? to adapt to our environment
What technology did Ancient Egypt use to control flooding of the Nile? Building dams
Oil is and economic resource of what region of the world? Middle East
What is not a benefit of Free Enterprise? Central Regulation of Production
Kuwait and Iraq use oil as a what? as a main trading commodity
Gas prices increase because? oil rich countries stop or slow down exporting their oil to the U.S.
Iraq is located where? between Syria and Iran
Rich farmlands in Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia were created by what? the flooding which deposits alluvial "superman" soil
What does the distribution of natural resources such as oil do for a region or country? causes countries to maintain good relations with the Middle East
What is OPEC? an organization that determines how crude oil is bought and sold
Who invaded Kuwait in the 1990's? Iraq
The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand started which war? WWI
What was NOT a result of the Treaty of Versailles? Germany did NOT become a member of the Soviet Union
Who blamed the Jews for Germany's financial problems after WWI? Hitler
What was the TENSE relations between the U.S. and the Soviet union called? The Cold War
What region can you find the West Bank, Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula? the Middle East Region
What is believing in many gods? Polytheism
What 17th century economic theory supported European colonialism? Mercantilism
The United States EXPORTS very little oil
Interdependence members are dependent on each other
Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt developed and grew strong because of the rich soil to grow plentiful crops
Why did economy slow down in Iraq and Iran in the 1980s? The Gulf War was occuring in these contries.
What symbolized the division between Western and Eastern Europe after WWII? Iron Curtain
What are some characteristics of classical civilizations? Moving from being Hunter and Gathers to having organized villages and farming
What is a characteristic of Polytheism? Worshiping many gods
Economic freedoms are more likely to occur in what type of government? Limited government
Created by: lmelbourn