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Med Term 1,4,5,14

Medical Terminology Chapters 1,4,5,14 MMIBOA

Ab Away from
Ad to; toward
Auto Self
brady slow
epi above; upon
ex out; outer
infra below; inferior
inter between; among
within intra
same; equal iso
macro large
meta change; after; beyond
small micro
around; surrounding peri
after post
before pre
sub below; under
supra above; on top of
sym with; association
syn together
no; not; without a; an; ana
cancerous carcin
difficult; painful dys
above; excessive hyper
below; deficient hypo
mal poor; bad; abnormal
ac; al; ar; ary pertaining to
cell cyte
picture; record gram
graph instrument for recording
process of recordin graphy
iac; ic pertaining to
(o)logist specialist in
(o)logy study of
ous pertaining to
poiesis formation
instrument for viewing scope
scopy process of viewing
control; stop stasis
treatment therapy
trophy growth; development
version to turn
algia pain
cele herniation; hernia
dynia pain
is; iasis abnormal condition
itis inflammation
malacia softening
tumor oma
osis condition
pathy disease
penia decreased number
rrhea flow; discharge
sclerosis hardening
spasm contraction; twitching
centesis surgical puncture
desis binding together
ectomy surgical removal; excision
(o)stomy create an opening
incision to (o)tomy
surgical repait plasty
hidr/o sweat
horny tissue; hard kerat/o
black / brown melan/o
pil/o hair
wrinkles rhytid/o
sebum seb/o
around; beside para
py/o pus
Bx biopsy
I&D Incision and drainage
SC; SubQ Subcutaneous
arthr/o joint
burs/o bursa
wrist bone carp/o
cartilage chondr/o
cost/o rib
skull crani/o
electricity electr/o
band of fibrous tissue fibr/o
ligament ligament/o
myel/o bone marrow
muscle my/o
orth/o straight
bone oste/o
pect/o chest
lateral curvature of the spine, crooked; bent scoli/o
vertebra vertebr/o
spondyl/o vertebra
brady slow
many poly
without feeling or sensation asthenia
movement kinesia
muscle tone tonia
inflammation of an articular cartilage arthrochondritis
EMG electromyography
fx fracture
RA rheumatoid arthritis
total hip replacement THR
microorganisms that cause disease pathogens
fungus myc/o
emia blood
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